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Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist News Service

Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe

Africa Ministry Series makes worldwide impact


March-April 2017


Starting from a discussion in August 2009 between the theology faculty at Africa University and the Discipleship Resources International (DRI) staff of Discipleship Ministries, the Africa Ministry Series (AMS) has blossomed into a line of resources impacting teachers, preachers and students worldwide.

"Written by African pastors and lecturers, AMS contributes resources, perspectives and up-to-date information for strengthening the vitality of the African church in the 21st century," said Kara Lassen Oliver, director of DRI Publishing Initiatives for Central Conferences. "While it was originally created by African authors for African readers, today the series is finding an international audience."


Titles — published in English, French and Portuguese — range from polity for The United Methodist Church in Africa to preaching to evangelism. "As DRI developed local publishing teams in southern and West Africa, we began to see the need for texts from African authors who understood how evangelism, discipleship and homiletics are different in the African context than in America or Europe," Oliver said.

"At the time there weren't many pastors or lay people who had the expertise or time in the midst of pastoral ministry to write these texts. So DRI staff approached the Faculty of Theology at Africa University and made an appeal for manuscripts the faculty had already written and invited them to author new texts that would train people in the Methodist way."

As titles were published and printed, they were stocked at the Africa University book store. However, distribution challenges remained. Now, through the E-Reader partnership between DRI and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, the AMS and other titles are available electronically for students and faculty to download and carry their entire "library" to class, home and church.

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