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Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist News Service

The Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe is among United Methodist Church leaders calling for compassion toward refugees and immigrants to the United States.

Calls for compassion for immigrants, refugees


March-April 2017


In the wake of late January/early February executive actions related to immigrants and refugees by President Donald Trump, the General Board of Church and Society and a number of bishops issued calls for just and compassionate policies. InfoServ, the denomination's information service at United Methodist Communications, has received numerous calls concerning the refugee crisis worldwide.

In a Feb. 1 statement, Church and Society called upon all policy makers to work for just and compassionate immigration policies that affirm the worth, dignity and inherent values and rights of all persons regardless of nationality or legal status. (The Book of Resolutions 2016, #3281)

"Immigrants and refugees sit in our pews and are behind the pulpit," said the Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe, Church and Society general secretary. "United Methodists around the world are loving their neighbors by welcoming refugees and immigrants into their congregations and communities. We call on our political leaders and policy makers to follow their lead and compassionately welcome our brothers and sisters.

"As followers of Jesus, we reject in the strongest terms efforts to expand the U.S.-Mexican border wall, penalize communities providing sanctuary, halt refugee resettlement or impose a religious test for those facing forced migration."

United Methodists wanting to support the church's response financially can contribute to the Global Refugee/Migration Advance 3022144: