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‘Chuck Knows Church’ and you will, too


"Chuck Knows Church" answers the questions of people unfamiliar with the objects, symbols and terms used in church. However, frequent worshippers and longtime church members are also finding the online video series, enjoyably informative—and entertaining.

The series, which premiered in November, features Chuck, a witty fount of knowledge about all things church. It is produced by the General Board of Discipleship office of communications and worship resource team in collaboration with the United Methodist Publishing House and United Methodist Communications.

The camera is rolling as 'Chuck' explains the symbolism of the Advent wreath.
The camera is rolling as 'Chuck' explains the symbolism of the Advent wreath.

Topics for the first seven weeks included the Advent wreath, the hymnal, "clergy fashion," liturgical colors, the sign of the fish, pulpit vs. lectern and the offering plate.

A new episode of the series is available each week on the Chuck Knows Church YouTube channel and is also posted to Facebook and the website Each episode provides basic information about the topic and ends with Chuck inviting viewers to learn more by asking a pastor.

"'Chuck Knows Church' was developed to invite churched and nominally churched people to understand the 'stuff' we see and do in church," said the Rev. Karen Greenwaldt, discipleship's general secretary. "It's meant for a broad audience—youth and older. Each episode is presented in a simple, brief and fun way.

"We found through research that even longtime members knew very little about some foundational symbols and terms used in their church—such as what's a paschal candle, why is there both a pulpit and a lectern and what really is the purpose of a narthex," said the Rev. Steve Horswill-Johnston, discipleship's executive director of communications and brand strategy.

Church leaders can post each week's video to their local church website. The series can also be used with confirmation classes, new member classes, youth groups and worship teams.

Adapted from a news release from the General Board of Discipleship, Nashville, Tenn.