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Church and Society launches new website


July-August 2017


A new agency website will better support the work of the General Board of Church and Society and better support the passion of United Methodists working for justice and peace.

The new site is

"We had a number of reasons for wanting to redesign our site," said the Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe, Church and Society general secretary.


"We are facing a great challenge of addressing a world that is all too full of injustice," she continued. "We needed a website that would allow visitors to learn about the positions of The United Methodist Church on issues of faith, justice and peace. We also wanted to ensure that there were clear opportunities for engagement and advocacy."

The new site will include information about educational opportunities such as the Church and Society seminar program and internships, information about the Social Principles and training opportunities, and information about opportunities for taking action and then ensuring officials hear from United Methodists.

Henry-Crowe added, "We also determined that more clearly articulates the work of Church and Society than our old URL. Plus, we think ‘umcjustice' is a lot easier to pronounce and remember."

The agency also switched its Twitter handle to @umcjustice.

Log on to, navigate your way around, then email the agency and let them know your thoughts.

"We want this new website to make your journey of living faith, seeking justice and pursuing peace more convenient," Henry-Crowe said.

General Board of Church and Society