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Cold water for mail carriers


It Worked for Us

On Mondays during the hot summer months, members of City on a Hill United Methodist Church in Woodstock, Georgia, make mail carriers very happy by giving them bottles of ice cold water.

"It's a super simple and a thoughtful gesture," said Marrianne Butler, missions coordinator at City on a Hill.

The idea to give the postal workers a cold bottle of water came from a church member whose dad was a mail carrier. She would leave cold water and a note of thanks for him in her mailbox.

Eight to 10 volunteers, dressed in bright yellow t-shirts that read "Special Forces" on the back, recently passed out cold bottled water at the corner of a busy street in the Woodstock area. The outside of each bottle carries the church's logo and a word of God's love on the label.

Handing out water bottles is one their "100 Ways to Serve" projects.

The Rev. Chris Bryant said the church is mission-focused and many of the church members participate in more than one mission project during the year.

The church engages in a day of service in August where many projects are underway including a single moms' gas giveaway, popsicles in the park, planting and weeding on the church grounds, making repairs in the church and handing out food from the food pantry.

Worship each Sunday has a "Moment of Mission" when church members learn of approaching volunteer opportunities, how to get involved and what is needed.

"I love being in mission," Butler said. "It's about random acts of kindness."

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