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Database helps readers find books by gender, color, topic


Have you or someone you know ever felt like 11-year-old Marley Dias who, as a sixth-grade African-American girl, was "sick of reading books about white boys and dogs?" Children's books with female protagonists and protagonists of color may seem few and far between. However, many are available. Finding them is the issue.

The General Board of Church and Society has made it easier. A new search tool will find books by title, ethnicity, gender and age of the main characters or topic. A simple search can help find the perfect book for your situation.

On its Sacred Worth Books webpage (, Susan Burton, GBCS director of women's and children's advocacy, says, "Books can open a world of possibilities for our children and teach all of us to celebrate the divine in everyone. How do the books on your shelves at home or the church nursery depict the beauty and diversity of your community? Of God's creation?

"All of God's creation is equally important, and all people have sacred worth."

Tricia Bruckbauer, communications associate, General Board of Church and Society, Washington, D.C.

Category: IdeaMart, issues-2016, May/June 2016