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How do United Methodists name God?


The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women is using an online survey as part of its effort to understand United Methodist attitudes about language for God.

Audrey Krumbach, director of gender justice and education for the commission, says the survey is open to anyone related to a United Methodist congregation or community—participants, members, leaders, clergy, teachers and seminary professors and others.

"We want to hear opinions from people holding a variety of perspectives regarding language used for God in The UMC," she said in the online introduction to the study. "We are especially interested in hearing from lay perspectives and from both those who are strong supporters and those who do not believe 'inclusive language' is an important or positive part of our faith."

Access the survey at It will be open until Oct. 31. Most people can complete the survey in less than 10 minutes.

Results will be used to develop new guidelines for language in worship planning, shape recommendations to General Conference 2016 and inform curriculum development.

Direct questions about the survey to Krumbach at (email): or 312-346-4900.