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I Am United Methodist


I am United Methodist: Lucy Chelton

At 11, Lucy Chelton is a superb cook, who uses her talents to serve others. Read More

I am United Methodist: Tammy Lovell

United Methodist teacher Tammy Lovell loves the children she teaches in public school and at church. Read More

I am United Methodist: The Rev. Vetle Karlsen Eide

Norwegian United Methodist finds life as ordained deacon the way of living his faith. Read More

I am United Methodist: Betty Jane Hoback Ludlam

United Methodist Women always provided a home as Betty Ludlam and her pastor husband moved from place to place. Read More

I am United Methodist: Joe Henderson

Joe Henderson has morphed his writing from 40 years of covering sports to now writing plays for his church. Read More

Amanda Vogt

I Am United Methodist: Amanda Vogt

Young adult United Methodist Amanda Vogt from Missouri finds common values between her congregation and scouting programs. Read More

I Am United Methodist: Wanda Carpenter

"What we do serves as proof of what we believe," says Wanda Carpenter, a member of Faith United Methodist Church in Mooresville, North Carolina, part of the Western North Carolina Read More

The Rev. Wendell and Susan Williams

I Am United Methodist: The Rev. Wendell E. Williams

When the Rev. Wendell E. Williams graduated from high school in 1968, he also "graduated" from the church of his roots. He walked away from organized religion and thought he could... Read More

The Rev. Sherry Cothran

I Am United Methodist: The Rev. Sherry Cothran Woolsey

"I'm moving into my own path. What does ministry look like for me and what does it need to look like in this day and age? Where is the church... Read More

Billie K. Fidlin

I Am United Methodist: Billie K. Fidlin

When Billie K. Fidlin was a high school senior, her mom became terminally ill. Although her family did not attend worship regularly, their United Methodist church, especially the pastor, stepped... Read More

The Rev. D. Anthony Everett

I Am United Methodist: The Rev. D. Anthony Everett

The Rev. D. Anthony Everett understands that not all United Methodists agree with all of the Social Principles and the church's Social Creed. As far as he is concerned, though,... Read More

I Am United Methodist

When God calls, this United Methodist woman responds -- and good things happen. Read More

Monica Kleman

I Am United Methodist: Monica Kleman

Monica Kleman understands stewardship. The 37-year-old wife and mother of five has experienced firsthand the adage "you can't outgive God." Read More

Judith Kim

I Am United Methodist: Judith Kim, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Judith Margaret Kim grew up in the British Methodist Church, where her father was a minister. Read More

Viola Reed, 101, took her first mission trip when she was 72.

I Am United Methodist: Viola Reed

Many people go to the Caribbean when they retire, but not many of them go there to do hard labor. No one told that to Viola Reed, who went on... Read More

The Doyle family – Barry (second row, left, in purple shirt), Faith and Kathy (front row, left) join members of their  congregation’s sister church in the Czech Republic for a picture.

I Am United Methodist: Barry Doyle

Barry Doyle – videographer and social media specialist for the Desert Southwest Conference – grew up Roman Catholic. Read More

The Rev. Daniel Wilson

I Am United Methodist: Daniel Wilson

Answering a call to ordained ministry and pursuing technology as a hobby combined to make Daniel Wilson an on-line pastor. Read More