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Reflections: Letters to the Editor—November-December 2016

More from Wesley I enjoyed the article "John Wesley on Giving" (July/August). We need more articles based on... Read More

Reflections: Letters to the Editor (Jan-Feb 2017)

Interpreter readers offer thoughts on articles on grace, interpretation of a name change and disagreements within The United Methodist Church. Read More

Reflections: Letters to the editor (July-August 2016)

The article – "UMs play key role at U.N." (March/April) is interesting but only a fraction of the story. The role of the Women's Division (now United Methodist Women)... Read More

Reflections: Letters to the edtior (March-April 2016)

Spiritual direction valuable I was delighted to read "Discerning God's Call" (Nov/Dec 2015). It is an essential ingredient in considering ministry as a vocation. I was disappointed that in your... Read More

Reflections: Letters to the editor (March-April 2015)

Writers found Jan-Feb 2015 issue of United Methodist Interpreter helpful in celebrating mission and ministry. Read More

Reflections: Letters to the Editor (Nov-Dec 2014)

Try AAPC Having served as a pastoral counselor for two-thirds of my appointed years of active ministry, I was delighted to read the article "Chaplains, Pastoral Counselors Share... Read More

Reflections: Letters to the editor (July-Aug 2014)

Faith, aging issue helpful; On the new Interpreter Digital Read More

Reflections: Children are gifts

Children are gifts; A unique ministry of care Read More

Reflections: Think about future

Think about future; Loved the issue; Lack of detail disappointed; Appreciating the season Read More

Reflections: A praying conference

A praying conference; Sharing information; A different perspective; Bullying limits church Read More

Reflections: Homosexuality/GC2012

With this issue, we have completed two cycles of letters supporting and disagreeing with the church's stance on homosexuality and General Conference 2012's action on legislation concerning this. Read More