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Lighten Up!

Short stories to make you smile.


Lighten Up!

Benny, 3, went with his grandfather to the church workday. Their job was to pick up discarded items and haul them to the dump. When they got to the church, Benny... Read More

Lighten Up!

One Sunday, I was liturgist. That evening, my daughter, 5, went with me to the grocery store. She must have been paying attention in church because – in the middle of our... Read More

Lighten Up: No sermon? Yes!

A look of understanding came over his face, and he said, "I get it. A lot of extra people came today because they heard that there wouldn’t be a... Read More

Lighten up: Bull’s-eye!

Back in the 1950s, my Sunday school room at Antioch (Tenn.) Methodist Church was on the second floor. Read More

Lighten Up: Magic penny

It was a big deal when we could put some money in the offering plate and an even bigger deal when we could actually touch the offering plate. Read More