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Lighten Up: Magic penny


Lukas Rodia
Lukas Rodia

Magic penny

Most Sundays when we were growing up, my brothers and I attended church in Louisiana with our mother. It was a big deal when we could put some money in the offering plate and an even bigger deal when we could actually touch the offering plate. One Sunday, a grownup sitting next to me (must have been a visitor) actually put the plate in my hands. My brother quickly tried to grab it. A fight ensued with us pulling the plate back and forth. I finally got so mad I screamed, "Well, at least let me put my penny in!" I still remember the look on my mother's face as she took over and quietly passed the plate on down the row.

Kathy Gilbert, Nashville, Tenn.

Meaner than a junkyard dog

When my wife, Valerie, was about 4 or 5, she and her family attended Elizabeth (W. Va.) United Methodist Church. One week, the church had a "Sing-Along Sunday." Worshippers spent most of the service singing hymns suggested by members of the congregation. On this particular Sunday, the pastor asked for musical suggestions.

Valerie, much to her mother's chagrin, raised her hand and loudly requested "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown."

Jim McAnally, Belmont United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn.

All's well that ends well

Like every other Sunday before, we reached the point in the service when we prepare for Communion. However, on this particular Sunday, when our pastor said, "Jesus died for our sins," my 7-year-old suddenly sat up straight in his chair and exclaimed in an incredulous voice, "Jesus DIED?" While the adults around us stifled their laughter, another child sitting a few rows up turned around and said, "It's OK. He's better now."

Jennifer Rodia, Providence United Methodist Church, Mount Juliet, Tenn.

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