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Lighten Up!

One Sunday, I was liturgist. That evening, my daughter, 5, went with me to the grocery store. She must have been paying attention in church because – in the middle of our shopping trip – she announced loudly, "Jesus is Lord! Shakespeare was a famous writer. We're going to pray now."

Megan Cobb, Hillcrest UMC, Nashville, Tenn.


Children's time found me telling the story about Elijah defeating the prophets of Baal. The kids loved the water and were delighted to pantomime pouring water over the wood. Then I told them we had a river in the sanctuary, too. It was a sacred place where we dipped water. It was the place we did baptism.

"Do you want to see our river?" I asked. They all gleefully went with me to crowd around the baptismal font. Everybody could see what was happening when I slowly drew back the lid.

The font was empty.

My wife chided me when we got home. "I don't know who was more surprised," she said. "You or the kids."

Ed Zinkiewicz, West Nashville (Tenn.) UMC

‘Play ball!'

Matthew, the son of two United Methodist pastors, started his elementary education in a Catholic school. The kindergartner soaked it all in, especially the large statue of the Blessed Virgin holding the world. During open house, Matthew enthusiastically shepherded his parents through the halls. Stopping at the Mary statue, he exclaimed, "This is the coach. She's holding the ball!"

As told to Barbara Dunlap-Berg, associate editor, Interpreter

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