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God language


God language

New resource explores ‘God language’

The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (GCSRW) is offering a free, downloadable five-week study, God of the Bible. It explores various images of God in Scripture including wisdom, mystery, creation and parent.

"As a child, one of my favorite pastors referred to God as ‘father and mother of us all.' Those words touched me with images of safety, warmth, security and, most of all, love," said Dawn Hare, GCSRW general secretary. "Tragically, not all children know the love of a father and mother. In many cases, such references to God can evoke much darker emotions and images. Blessedly, our Bible is full of many references and metaphors to explain the nature and love of God that are not limiting, but, as we like to call them, are the use of ‘expansive language.'"

"The Justice for Women committee was concerned that while there had been a good amount of quality scholarly work done on the topic of biblical metaphor and language for God, [it] had not resulted in an abundance of study materials for the local church," said the Rev. Stephanie Ahlschwede, South Gate United Methodist Church, Lincoln, Nebraska.

"God of the Bible forms a bridge between the best of contemporary scholarship and the local church," Ahlschwede continued. The study materials are usable in many settings. The download is free to guarantee the broadest possible access.

Additional resources for God of the Bible, including sermon ideas and reading lists, will be added to the site.

Download God of the Bible at Click on "Resources" in the navigation bar.

General Commission on the Status and Role of Women

General Commission on the Status and Role of Women
November - December 2015