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The Rev. Joe Iovino

Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

The Rev. Joe Iovino

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Podcasts give the spirit a workout


Polly House
November-December 2016


You eat right and exercise every day.

OK, maybe not, but you do admit it would be a good idea, right? What about feeding and exercising your spirit?


United Methodist Communications offers a new way to work those spiritual muscles.

"Get Your Spirit in Shape" is a free, 30-minute, monthly podcast that features conversations with leaders, authors and others. Each offers spiritual nutrition and exercise.

The Rev. Joe Iovino, a self-described Christian, blogger, husband, father, motorcycle rider and web content manager for, hosts the program.

"I like podcasts," Iovino said. "I listen to several regularly. I see ‘Get Your Spirit in Shape' as another way of reaching out to people and getting the word out about some great tips and tricks for making their souls as healthy as their bodies."

Guests include writers, speakers and others with expertise in some area of spirit strengthening. All are worth hearing, Iovino said.

Podcast topics now available at include:

  • How to find a faith community in college
  • Everyday disciples
  • Resisting the urge to freak out when getting a new pastor
  • How a 14-year-old girl answered God's call to give people access to clean water
  • Finding your personal sacred space
  • When we are really bad at being good.

A podcast on Advent and Christmas will be available at the end of November.

You can follow Iovino on his blog at and on Twitter at @pastorjoei.

Polly House is a freelance editor and writer in Nashville, Tennessee, also serving as editorial assistant for Interpreter