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Publisher’s Column

Interpreter Magazine covers. United Methodist Communications photo by Kathleen Barry

Publisher’s Page: As times change…

After 48 years, Interpreter will cease publication at the end of 2017. Read More

Publisher’s Page: Different Gifts

All people have spiritual gifts given by God. The particular gifts differ from person to person. Read More

Publisher’s Page: United Methodists - Unique, creative, vibrant

The creative ways we live out our faith in our communities around the world gives The United Methodist Church its vibrancy. Read More

Dan Krause

Publisher’s Page: A Season of Shaping

Take a look at how The United Methodist Church provides opportunities for spiritual development at every stage of life. Read More

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Publisher’s Page: United we help millions

The United Methodist Church helps millions daily. As General Conference 2016 looms, what is the next great thing ahead for the denomination? Read More

Publisher’s Page: Abundant health, abundant living

Rooted in Jesus' promise of abundant life for all and our Wesleyan heritage, The United Methodist Church is working to ensure that abundant health is available to all of God's... Read More

Publisher’s Page: Grace: A song for singing

"There's a Song in the Air" and it is God's grace come to us in the infant Jesus. Interpreter publisher and United Methodist Communications general secretary Dan Krause reflects on... Read More

Dan Krause

Publisher’s Page: Transformational change

Change. When reading that word, what comes to mind? Do you cringe? Do you feel fearful? Does your imagination soar? Read More

Dan Krause

Publisher’s Page: More blessed to give

The essence of United Methodist connectionalism is based on the idea that together we can do so much more than we can do alone. Read More

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Publisher’s Page: United we help millions

As General Conference 2016 meets, there will be celebration of what has been accomplished by United Methodists -- and a discerning of God's answer to "what's next" for The United Methodist... Read More

Publisher’s Page: Would John Wesley have used hashtags?

Would John Wesley have used hashtags? Since social media phrases inspire action, he probably would have been all in. Interpreter Magazine explores the theology of social media. Read More

Dan Krause

Publisher’s page: A momentous year has begun

2016 marks a quadrennial year in the Gregorian calendar, better known as the Western calendar and best known as the calendar you and I use each day, year in and year... Read More

21st-century Technology and the Church

A faith community committed to reaching out to its community must be sensitive to the way people live and adjust its outreach to meet them where they are. It must... Read More

First Thoughts: Lenten coin folders sparked giving, vision

Through the Lenten coin folder, the church introduced me to a global vision that grew as I grew older. That vision has shaped me and given me a framework through... Read More

First Thoughts: The Work of Aging

Aging is not for the weak of heart. In a world at a hinge point in history, aging demands that we find our place in the swirl of change that... Read More

First Thoughts: The Unthinkable

When the unthinkable happens, many attempt to explain the unexplainable. Read More

To Be United Methodist ...

... in the Wesleyan tradition faith is about my relationship both with God and with others. Read More

First Thoughts: Stewardship rooted in relationship

Stewardship begins with this understanding: We belong to God, and to each other. Read More

First Thoughts: Boomers, Millennials and the God of New Creation

My hunch is that the Millennials will reshape the church and faithful living in ways that cannot be foretold at this time. Read More