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Reflections: Children are gifts


Children are gifts

I read your First Thoughts article "Welcome the Child, Welcome Jesus" (Sept/Oct) with great interest.

My husband and I are the leaders of our Wednesday children's program. I feel at times that the people of our church think the children are important, but they don't want to get involved "hands on."

I truly believe that until we see our children as gifts from God no matter their color, ethnicity, etc., we are not living as Jesus wants us to live.

Thank you for your inspiring article in the Interpreter magazine.

May God continue to bless you.

Mary DeKort, Volunteer, Children's Ministry, McMinnville, Tenn., First United Methodist Church

A unique ministry of care

After reading the article about community-based Circles (Sept/Oct), I thought I would like to share what our little country church decided to do, with hope of other churches following suit. Our benevolence committee recently started a program called Take A Bite (TAB). It is the first we know of that provides dentures to people that cannot afford them. The people must already have their teeth removed and cannot afford to get dentures.

Most states do provide for people to get their teeth pulled at various dental schools, but no resources provide the dentures. People are left to go through life toothless. This is not only unhealthy but also takes a toll on the person's self-esteem

I recently had the experience of knowing a woman who could not afford dentures. She always had a toothache for the 15 years I knew her and didn't want to get her rotten teeth pulled because it would be even worse to be toothless. She eventually died at the age of 42 of heart failure, due to being infected over the years from periodontal disease and infected teeth. I am hoping other churches will adopt this TAB ministry because it is needed so very much in the poor communities in our own country.

Lorraine Lamb, Lewisburg, Tenn., Clay Hill United Methodist Church


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