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Reflections: Letters to the editor (July-Aug 2014)


Faith, aging issue helpful

Thanks for the issue on faith and aging (May/June). Well done ... I have admired the way you have navigated all the publishing world changes over the past couple of years and now have a great new magazine.

The Rev. Betsey Heavner, Lubbock, Texas, General Board of Discipleship staff

I work for a Methodist ministry for the elderly in the Central Texas Annual Conference. Our vice president of development asked me to get him additional copies of the current Interpreter magazine (May/June) because of a wonderful article he read in it.

Jane King, Development Department, Wesleyan Homes, Georgetown, Texas

A few minutes ago I read your digital Interpreter magazine May/June 2014 – great!

The Rev. Klaus Ulrich, director of communications, Germany Area, Frankfort

Wants Interpreter

I am no longer getting Interpreter as a church officer. I realize how much I miss it after seeing the January/February issue (great, by the way). Can I subscribe to it as an individual? Thanks.

Ilah Sisson Walser, associate lay leader, Upper New York Conference, Ballston Spa (N.Y.) Unted Methodist Church

Editor's Note: Individuals may subscribe to Interpreter's print or digital edition . Subscribers to the print edition may also receive the digital on request at no additional cost.

On the new Interpreter digital

Excellent publication! Thanks for raising the bar and demonstrating what can be done.

Christina Dillabough, director of communications, Desert Southwest Conference, Phoenix

I love the new digital version. You have back issues available without clutter but can still print to share.

Peggy Keithcart, Brunswick, Ga., Blythe Island United Methodist Church

My tablet is not connected to the Internet wherever I am. I can connect my tablet to my phone hotspot, but then I'm using up my data time. Up here in the Capital Region of New York State, we don't have secure (or any) universal wireless. I have Internet at home, and in my church office ... but I'm not there all the time. My tablet allows me to catch up on my reading, planning and studying. Before, all I had to do was to download the .pdf version to read when I wanted, where I wanted, on whatever device I wanted – with no additional charges. Neat, simple and effective – not to mention cheap.

The Rev. Allen Siebold, Lansingburgh, N.Y., Cornerstone Community Church

I would like to get the digital Interpreter in a .pdf form. Mostly I save the .pdf format for later reading off line.

Linda A. Robertshaw, Boulder City (Nev.) United Methodist Church

Well done... as a designer myself, I can appreciate the work that has obviously gone into it.

Ed Hansen, Park Ridge, Ill., First United Methodist Church