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Reflections: Letters to the editor (July-August 2016)


July-August 2016

Mixed reviews

The article – "UMs play key role at U.N." (March/April) is interesting but only a fraction of the story. The role of the Women's Division (now United Methodist Women) is totally ignored and overlooked. The "other half" of the story deserves telling. See 2012 Book of Discipline, Paras. 1010 and 1320.12. Read "Legacy for the Future" by Thelma Stevens – the Women's Division had an official observer at the U.N. beginning in 1949! Talk with retired Women's Divison staffer Mia Adjali about her 40 years of U.N. work. Ask Harriet Olson about current activity. There have been and continue to be MANY AND VARIED cooperative efforts in the Church Center at the United Nations building, which United Methodist Women own.

Barbara E. Campbell, St, Paul's UMC, Asheville, North Carolina

I've been reading Interpreter for decades and your March/April issue is the most substantive. This represents a lot of work and it is helpful to all. Great work!

The Rev. Rich Peck (retired), First UMC, Franklin, Tennessee

I just finished the latest issue on "Guided by Our Principles" (March/April). It was very disappointing. Are we supposed to be grateful that Lifewatch was permitted to pray in the Methodist Building? So you found a conservative on the GBCS. Of course, he has moved from the right to the center.

On climate change, the measures advocated will impede the means of economic advancement that will truly help the poor of the world. For my church to take such a position is disgusting.

It is very disturbing that you and your fellows confuse governmental coercion in the form of involuntary wealth redistribution with Christ-centered charity. Dear Lord, save us from peace and justice politics.

I will be dedicating a good bit of my time to cutting the funding for your publication.

Mike Moorman, First UMC, Metropolis, Illinois

I would like to order 25 extra copies of the March/April Interpreter magazine. We are doing a study called "When Christians Disagree" and talking about several things in our Social Principles.

The Rev. Fran Cooper, St. Marks UMC, Midlothian, Virginia

Defending the faith

While teaching adult Sunday school at my church, it became apparent that no one had any idea how to defend our faith. Few of our youth have a clue how to rebut criticism they receive from their peers. Discussion with my pastor showed she agreed with me. It was suggested that a curriculum be written that would encompass everyone from elementary school to adult. I searched the internet for anything that could come close but could really find nothing.

The only things I have seen lately showing Christianity in a good light are movies such as "God Is (Not) Dead" and "Miracles from Heaven." The only people I've heard actively showing their faith are from "Duck Dynasty."

I have no idea who could champion this project, but our people need this knowledge. Perhaps, your inclusion of my letter will reveal a greater need in the many churches in the USA or world.

Steve Llewellyn, First UMC, Waukegan, Illinois

Focus on Jesus' life, teachings

Two heartfelt and genuine opinions were expressed in the May/June Reflections. However, this debate leaves a retching in my stomach. It is reminiscent of a previous debate that lasted way too long. The world's major Christian denominations were among the last to truly include blacks as full, participating members.

We have learned much over the last 2,000 years. As followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, perhaps it is past time to have another look at the Bible's five-eight passages that refer to same-sex rape, temple prostitution and wasted seed. Let us all try to reinvest in the great commandments Jesus gave us.

I stand with Jesus Christ. My hope and prayer is that The United Methodist Church obeys the Bible (in context), with focus on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, I am in awe of all the church does to make disciples for the transformation of the world. And I love my "church family." So, I will keep my commitment to our senior pastor not to do anything which could lead to a split of our congregation.

Les Fenter, First UMC, Marble Falls, Texas

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