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Reflections: Letters to the editor (March-April 2015)

Interpreter welcomes Letters to the Editor and comments on posted articles. Send letters of 150 words or less to Include your name and the name and location of your local church. Letters may be published here and/or in the print and digital editions of Interpreter.

Unanswered prayers

May I make these comments about your article titled "When Prayers Seem Unanswered" (Jan/Feb). I am far more concerned in our culture, and even in our churches, about "unprayed answers" than I am about "unanswered prayers." The persistent question concerning unanswered prayer strikes me as concern with our self-interests given St. Paul's understanding that prayer begins with God's initiation in our lives. If we are concerned with unanswered prayer, perhaps it is because "we do not know how to pray as we ought" (Romans 8: 26, NRSV).

The Rev. Wayne F. Albertson, retired, West Ohio Conference

Helpful issue

I appreciate all issues, but this latest issue (Jan/Feb) has SO MUCH GREAT MATERIAL for us to use and share during these critical days of "sink or swim."  Thank you for an excellent issue!

Lane Gardner Camp, Director of Communications, Memphis Conference

Historical note

I enjoy the Interpreter, which gets better all the time!!

One of the persons highlighted (in the January/February issue) is the Rev. Lourdes Calderon from the New Mexico Annual Conference. (The writer) states that Lourdes is the first Hispanic female pastor in the conference (who expects to be) ordained elder.

Because the history of clergywomen's journeys is important, I would like to clarify that I was the first Hispanic clergywoman in the New Mexico Annual Conference (NMAC) and the first woman to be ordained deacon and elder (there) in 1972 and 1977 respectively. In 1996 I came to be a part of the Minnesota Conference.

I very much appreciate the focus on diversity in the issues and cannot tell you how wonderful the NMAC has become towards the work that Rev. Calderon is doing!!! (The idea of) an annual conference Hispanic/Latino coordinator in 1977 would never have crossed anyone's mind as the Rio Grande Conference was in the midst of the NMAC and that was "their" job! Times do change!

The Rev. Liz Lopez, retired, Minnetonka, Minn.