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Reflections: Letters to the Editor (March-April 2017)


Liked prayers

Thank you for including the beautiful and thoughtful prayer responses to the question, "What is your prayer as the New Year begins?" (Jan/Feb) After reading all of them several times over several days, I feel more hopeful. Truly, we are united in our prayers for the love of Jesus Christ to be shared and shown through how we live baptized lives each day of this New Year. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Martin Hunicutt, All Saints UMC, Morrisville, North Carolina

Correct order

With regard to the cover artwork of the (Jan/Feb) Interpreter, could we, as Christians, strive to be biblical instead of always deferring to culture in our use of language? The culture exalts the physical, and its reference to the triadic nature of mankind reflects the culture's priority – body, mind and spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 gives us what I believe is a rightly ordered view of mankind – spirit, mind and body! Let's speak of things in the order that God would have us prioritize them, not the way the culture does. It is my belief that God has organized his Word in order to teach us principles there.

This is a small thing, but the measure of our faithfulness, especially in teaching, preaching and meditating on the Word, is defined by the details, the small things. I've written about this in my weblog,  and I teach it the way it is in Scripture.

(The Rev.) Cathy Byrd, Lynn Haven UMC, Panama City, Florida

Appreciates .pdf

I don't know how long you've had the Interpreter available for .pdf download — I had stopped paying attention after you had come out with a previous electronic format that was way too complicated to carry with me — but I looked this time (Jan/Feb) and am extremely pleased! I now see you have it in a format I can download and carry with me!

Thank you! Interpreter is now back on my reading list.

(The Rev.) E. Allen Siebold, Cornerstone Community Church of Lansingburgh, Troy, New York

ED. NOTE: Interpreter is now available in three digital formats at Click on Magazine and then Current Issue or Archived Issues to read individual articles, an ISSUU magazine or a .pdf file.