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Reflections: Letters to the Editor (May-June 2017)


Defining church

The magazine refers to the buildings as "the church." To me this is where the misconception begins – and grows with the followers for life. The church is the group of God's people. Great song: "I am the church, you are the church ... ." Please discontinue helping lead followers astray.

Howard Piggee, Hillcrest UMC, Fredericksburg, Virginia

A response

Responding to James M. Case's letter defending homosexuals (Jan/Feb): Romans 1:24-36 has a list of many sins, one being unnatural sex between men and men, women with women. God will judge homosexuals, but we can judge right and wrong.



We have allowed sin to come into the church and we are already feeling the results of it. Isaiah 5:20 reads, "Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil." The church has become like the world in many ways. We all should examine ourselves and repent. It is better to obey God rather than man.

We must not let Christ's death on the cross be meaningless. Thank God for the resurrection of Christ and the love he has shown us. Please let us not disappoint the Lord.

Imogene Whitfield, Ebenezer UMC, Moundsville, West Virginia

Enjoys Interpreter

The Interpreter is great reading and I enjoy it very much because it's educational and it also feeds my soul. It has values that help me daily walk with Christ. I would encourage each and every member to take advantage of this information and subscribe to receive a copy to enhance their abilities in their walk with Christ and the United Methodist faith.

Curtis Davis, Bethany UMC, Hampton, Virginia

Questions theme

With great dismay and sadness, I just read "Bible Boot Camp in Winter" (March/April). If we follow our Lord Jesus who preached peace and love, why does a church teach little children military concepts such as "prepare for battle" (and) "be warriors for God" with "drill sergeants" and "platoon leaders"?

The Rev. Donna DeCamp, retired, Point Richmond, California

Ed. Note: The camp's theme came from Ephesians 6:10-18 urging Christians "to put on the full armor of God."