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Reflections: Think about future


Think about future

I enjoyed reading Rev. Kimbrough's "College Majors' Value" (March/April), and I agreed with most of what he said. At the same time, college-bound individuals need to evaluate if their major will lead to a fulfilling life if they are unemployed or employed in a field not related with their major, or will they blame society for their lack of employment or underemployment?

Bob Walling, Buckhannon, W.Va., Chapel Hill United Methodist Church

Loved the issue

The new issue of Interpreter (March/April) is the best ever. I loved seeing the higher education emphasis with lots of articles about The United Methodist Church's emphasis on higher education. I am a product of (United Methodist-related) LaGrange College, which continues to be an important part of my life more than 50 years after I graduated.

Thanks for all your good work.

Sally Curtis AsKew, Athens, Ga., Oconee Street United Methodist Church

Lack of detail disappointed

As a former member of the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation board (UMHEF), I was disappointed in the brief notice about the Dollars for Scholars program in the most recent Interpreter (March/April). It implies that these scholarships are only for $1,000. In most cases, the minimum is $3,000 because each receiving college and many state (United) Methodist foundations match the $1,000 from the local church and $1,000 from UMHEF. In Arkansas, our (United) Methodist Foundation adds another $1,000, giving each student a healthy $4,000 scholarship! This fantastic program serves many United Methodist youth and would be better known and better financed if other state foundations would add their support. 

Nancy M. Wood, Little Rock, Ark., First United Methodist Church

Appreciating the season

I really appreciated and enjoyed the article about "Reveling in the Resurrection"! (March/April) What a wonderful direction to head after the Easter celebration Sunday. I like the idea of helping churches understand the fuller meaning of the season of Easter.

The Rev. Denise M. Childers, Fairfax, Va., St. George's United Methodist Church

("Reveling in the Resurrection") touched me deeply as did Billy Keen's incredible interpretation of ongoing resurrection.  Our Easter-to-Pentecost theme this year at my church is resurrection stories. Over a six-week period, we will be actively listening, with the ears of our hearts, to these stories told to us by women and men whose lives have been changed at a fundamental level of their being through Spirit and grace. The article and the art both struck a deep chord that continues to resonate. Thank you for showcasing Billy's work and touching my heart and soul with midwinter hope.

Virginia Weir Lunko, Johnstown, Pa., Grove Avenue United Methodist Church

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