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To Be United Methodist

Short profiles of United Methodists living their faith and sharing their hopes and dreams for the church.


To Be United Methodist: What is Advent?

Advent -- the season that begins the year on the Christian calendar -- is a time of remembrance and anticipation of Christ's coming. Read More

To Be United Methodist: Moving pastors

United Methodist pastors change the congregations they are serving. How does this happen? Read More

To Be United Methodist: What is the Judicial Council?

The United Methodist Judicial Council is the denomination's highest court. Its duties include determining the constitutionality of various actions. Read More

To Be United Methodist: Festival of God’s Creatiion

United Methodists celebrate God's gracious actions in creating Earth and all living things during the Festival of God's Creation, April 23 this year. Read More

Primitive physick

To Be United Methodist: Primitive Physic

Much of the advice and counsel regarding good health that John Wesley offered through Primitive Physick is similar to that of today's health care providers. Read More

To Be United Methodist: Why do we call it ‘grace?’

Why is the prayer before meals often called "grace?" Read More

To Be United Methodist: Faith when the world seems wicked

In times like these, we need to remind one another of the hope we know in Jesus Christ. Here are suggestions to keep the swirl of negativity from becoming all... Read More

To Be United Methodist: Why do we have prayers of confession in worship?

Why do United Methodists have prayers of confession in worship? Isn't asking forgiveness just between me and God? Read More

Who was Francis Asbury?

The United Methodist Church does not designate saints – and teaches that all faithful Christians are saints. However, if we did – Francis Asbury would be likely to be among the canonized. Read More

Why do some United Methodists not sing ‘alleluia’ during Lent?

Some wonder if praise and prayer, the tone of worship should be the same during Lent and on the Sundays of Lent as they are in the rest of the... Read More

Do United Methodists believe in saints?

Paul begins his letter to the church at Ephesus by calling these early believers in Christ "saints." Read More

Trinity United Methodist Church in Aiken, South Carolina, celebrates Halloween with a trunk-or-treat event.

How do United Methodsits celebrate Halloween?

Though The United Methodist Church has no official stance regarding Halloween, many churches have found unique alternatives to celebrate the holiday. Read More

Viola Reed, 101, took her first mission trip when she was 72.

I Am United Methodist: Viola Reed

Many people go to the Caribbean when they retire, but not many of them go there to do hard labor. No one told that to Viola Reed, who went on... Read More

The Doyle family – Barry (second row, left, in purple shirt), Faith and Kathy (front row, left) join members of their  congregation’s sister church in the Czech Republic for a picture.

I Am United Methodist: Barry Doyle

Barry Doyle – videographer and social media specialist for the Desert Southwest Conference – grew up Roman Catholic. Read More

To Be United Methodist: What is “itineracy”?

Itineracy is one of the hallmarks of how The United Methodist Church operates. But what does it mean in the life of everyday church members -- and their pastors? Read More

To be United Methodist: Footwashing

A growing number of United Methodist churches practice footwashing on Holy Thursday, as they remember Jesus' command to "love one another as I have loved you." Read More

Joan Holms

I am a United Methodist

After a United Methodist friend invited Joan Holms to attend worship with her, the then 28-year-old, who had grown up in an African Methodist Episcopal congregation, realized something had been... Read More

‘I can’t remember my baptism.’

Christians worldwide hear this charge on Baptism of the Lord Sunday, the second Sunday in January, as many services include a reaffirmation of baptismal vows. Read More

Warren McGuffin

To Be United Methodist: Warren McGuffin

Warren McGuffin's mission work has always been faith building, but at some point, he realized something was missing: meeting the people he was helping. Read More