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To Be United Methodist: Faith when the world seems wicked


Joe Iovino
September-October 2016

In times like these, we need to remind one another of the hope we know in Jesus Christ. Here are suggestions to keep the swirl of negativity from becoming all consuming.

  • Find some good news. Look for positive stories to lift your spirits.
  • Read the Good News. Spend some time reading Bible passages about hope and resurrection or read through one of the gospels.
  • Give thanks for what you have. In the midst of difficult times, there are still things for which we can be thankful.
  • Serve someone. Find places in your community to serve people in need.
  • Connect more deeply with your United Methodist church. Surround yourself with positive people who will help keep you grounded in the hope we know in Christ
  • Pray. If you struggle to find things for which to pray, today may be a time to sit in God's presence and listen.
  • Get some exercise. Moving your muscles releases endorphins that help you feel good.
  • Indulge beauty around you. We need beauty and goodness in our lives each day.
  • Take a break. Turn off the news alerts on your computer or smartphone for a while.

As John Wesley preached, "Against hope, believe in hope! It is your Father's good pleasure yet to renew the face of the earth. Surely all these things shall come to an end, and the inhabitants of the earth shall learn righteousness" (Wesley, John. "Upon Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount, 2." III.18). In the midst of all we are hearing, we believe in hope.

Adapted from an article by the Rev. Joe Iovino published at in November 2014.