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United Methodist branding toolkit online


United Methodist Communications is offering a new toolkit to make it easy for local churches and other denominational entities to adopt more unified branding.

Edward Mikula created the official cross-and-flame logo of The United Methodist Church in 1968 when the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church united. However, research shows that only about 65 percent of United Methodist churches currently use the symbol. Some use different flames and different crosses, as well as miscellaneous hues, even though the logo is a trademark. Official standards for using it have been updated.

An online toolkit available at can help all United Methodist entities use the unified branding in their organizations, while maintaining their own identities. The free toolkit includes standardized colors and fonts, logos, social media graphics and stationery templates and provides flexibility for churches to integrate their own preferences.

"As with any strong brand, unified identity also allows churches to get the full benefit of consistency across denomination-wide communications," said Dan Krause, chief executive of United Methodist Communications. "A brand is ultimately a promise, and in our case, this promise is the Wesleyan faith that is core to our identity as United Methodists to share the love of Jesus Christ and to serve the world around us."

Press Center, United Methodist Communications