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Graphic courtesy of United Methodist Communications

Dan Krause


Dan Krause

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Publisher’s Page: United we help millions


Dan P. R. Krause
May-June 2016

At United Methodist Communications, we are excited about General Conference 2016! Exciting things happen in four-year cycles that we see this year – the Olympics, the U.S. presidential election and The United Methodist Church’s General Conference. Each quadrennium, we come together as United Methodists for the opportunity to celebrate where we’ve been and where the Holy Spirit will lead us next. Being with thousands of other leaders and members of our church has the power to reenergize us and fortify our faith as we discern God’s calling for the future of the denomination.

If you are reading this issue of Interpreter while at General Conference, it is likely that throughout Portland, Oregon, you’ve seen a series of ads with the theme “United we help millions.” You may have seen the advertisements in the airport, on city light poles, hanging from the ceiling of the Oregon Convention Center or even plastered to the side of the city’s mass transit light rail, the MAX. The ads are in place to welcome delegates to General Conference, as well as to reach out to the broader Portland community with an invitation to join in the meaningful work that God is doing through The United Methodist Church.

The ads, which complement the current advertising campaign in the United States, highlight a number of ways that The United Methodist Church helps millions of people globally.

United we help millions find their faith. United we help millions find hope. United we save millions of lives from malaria. United we help millions thrive.

The message is clear: united – with God’s grace and with each other in faith – we accomplish much.

In recent history, The United Methodist Church has helped with both early response teams and long-term recovery in the Charleston, South Carolina, flooding in October 2015. The church has helped as a global partner in the fight against malaria – a fight that in the past five years has brought a significant reduction in the child mortality rate. The church has helped meet basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, education and health care for Syrian refugees seeking new homes in Europe and the United States. In our communities across the globe, our local churches provide a community and place in which to grow in faith, but we also serve the need in our neighborhoods – providing meals, shelter, education, health care, support groups and so much more. These are a few of the many ways the people of The United Methodist Church are serving locally and globally throughout the world.

So what is the next great thing that we do as United Methodists?

By the end of General Conference, we will have set goals for the next quadrennium by asking where God is leading us. As one denomination, The United Methodist Church has a legacy of bringing God’s love to millions around the world. I am excited to see where we go, standing unified and together, as we continue our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Dan Krause is general secretary of United Methodist Communications, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A., and publisher of Interpreter.