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(Actual job description in a United Methodist Church.  Used with permission.)


The responsibilities of the Director of Christian education shall include the following:


  1. Evaluate what is taught and learned in light of Biblical theology and historic United Methodist teaching that students might learn to manifest and experience the love of God that was in Christ Jesus.

  1. Serve as professional staff coordinator for all of the Christian education ministry and program with the understanding that other members of the staff will share in designated areas.  For example, the Director of Music will have responsibility for Music Education, while another staff member might have responsibility of relating to the Young Adult Council, etc.

  1. Provide professional staff services to Children’s Council, Youth Council, Young Adult Council, and Adult Council.

  1. Provide professional staff supervision to the director of Sunday Evening Youth Ministries

  1. Provide professional staff supervision to volunteer adult workers at all grade levels as needed.

  1. Provide professional staff services to Work Area on Education, Age Level Coordinators, and Council on Ministries.

  1. Guide the curriculum design and development for all age levels.

  1. Guide the recruitment and training of volunteers.

  1. Guide the development and strengthening of the Resource Room.

  1. Facilitate learning experiences beyond Sunday Morning Church School: i.e. Day Camps, Retreats, Vacation Bible School, Through-the Week Learning Experiences, etc. 

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