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Home > Christian Educators Fellowship > Leadership Resources > Employment Resources > Sample Job Descriptions > Director of Children's Ministries Sample Job Description




(An actual job description in a United Methodist Church.  Used with permission.)


The primary responsibility of this staff person is to reveal a faith in Jesus Christ.  Sharing of

this faith is fundamental to accomplishment of all other responsibilities assigned.  In this

manner, tasks become a ministry.


The Director of Children’s Ministries is directly responsible to the Director of Christian

education and to the senior minister.  In volunteer relationships, the Director is responsible to

the Coordinator of Children’s Ministries and the Work Area Chair on Education.


Serves as a member of the educational staff team; resources and skills are used in guiding

youth and adult ministries but not with specific responsibilities in these areas.


Gives leadership, coordinates, and supervises the total ministry with children.


Serves as a resource person for all leaders in the children’s ministries; in spiritual

guidance, study, techniques of teaching, and innovations in ministry.


Works closely with the Coordinator of Children’s Ministries, the children’s Council, age-level

counseling teachers, and parents in planning, supervising, and carrying out the ministry with

children.  Specifically, that includes:

                                    Sunday School

                                    Sunday expanded sessions and special education classes

                                    Childcare: paid personnel, facilities, schedule, policies

                                    Parents’ Day Out

                                    Nursery Home visitation

                                    Leadership recruitment

                                    Leadership training and development

                                    Study groups for teachers, workers, and parents

                                    On-the-job training with teachers

                                    Weekday education

                                    Summer ministries

                                    Long-range planning

                                    Intergenerational meetings

                                    Recreation activities


                                    Informal sessions


                                    Elementary VI Confirmation Preparation

                                    Orientation of Elementary VI students prior to promotion

                                    Equipment, literature, and supplies for children’s ministries


Provides personal contact through individual conferences and home visitations with children,

leaders, and parents.


Implements plans for enabling children to be in ministry.


Works closely with the Director of Music, especially when children are involved.


Consults with the Audiovisual and Library Committees in meeting needs for children’s



Cooperates with the Director of Youth Ministries in planning and implementing any activities

that cross children/youth age lines.


Works with the Coordinator of Children’s Ministries planning the agenda for the Children’s

Council meetings.


Serves as staff person to Family Ministries.  As such is resource person to the Coordinator of

Family Ministries and the Family Council and assists them in the development of program.


Keeps the church membership informed of the Christian education program for children

through the church bulletin and newsletter, and finds ways to inform the community of

opportunities and importance of Christian education of children.


The Director of Children’s Ministries may assume that the Christian education of children is

extremely important to the membership of this church; that there are scores of volunteers

willing to give generously of their time and abilities in return only for a sense of satisfaction and

joy; that other staff members are willing and anxious to give cooperation, help and support in

any way possible.  The Director is encouraged to be open to both volunteers and other staff

members in order that warm, helpful human relationships may exist.


The Director of Children’s Ministries should take time for and advantage of opportunities for

professional development.  He or she is encouraged to attend at least two major conferences

and/or workshops annually; to hold membership in Christian Educators Fellowship; to read

widely in professional journals both in the fields for religious and education, an in other related

subjects; and to cultivate any personal talents such as writing for publication.  She or he is

encouraged to share experience, knowledge, and skills by teaching in leadership

 training enterprises beyond the local church.








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