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Trevista Currier (center) and children in the Kids Caf cut vegetables for pizzas that they will deliver to shut-ins down the street. Photo by Amelia Snyder.

Children cook, deliver
to shut-ins


Kids Cafe, an after-school program at Lambuth United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, is encouraging children to cook and to help elderly shut-ins at the same time.


Once a week, children learn about cooking, nutrition, food safety, cleanliness, kitchen safety and hand washing. They prepare meals such as pizza and spaghetti for themselves and for senior citizens who live near the church.


Then the children deliver the meals to the elderly shut-ins, an idea developed by Trevista Currier, who led Kids Cafe last year.  Demetrius Johnson is the current supervisor of Kids Cafe. A grant from the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank helps support the program.


--Adapted from a story by Amelia Snyder in the Oklahoma United Methodist Contact.

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