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 Cover Story
Active faith and partnerships involve men in ministry Active faith and partnerships involve men in ministry
Living an active faith became an almost-urgent pursuit when Ronald Wesley returned from serving two years in Iraq.

Before, Wesley says, he was too busy with his own life. "When I went to Iraq, I can't say it didn't change me. You really see what's important in life when it could be taken away from you at any minute."

 Cover Package
The ministry of Jesus Christ through United Methodist Men
Mentoring program creates a win-win
Men feeding from the fields
Small groups idea for men to form relationships
United Methodist Men Leader Resources

Just Thinking: Season of 'anew'
Prayers, petitions, parties will fill General Conference days
Expanding capacity, unifying witness, deepening connection
UMC 101: General Conference voting
Ministry tells community, 'You matter'
Partnering to bring recovery
Questions return to Judicial Council
Consider Easter Vigil to greet the risen son
'The Art of War' promotes peace
The miracle of General Conference
'Johnny Appleseed' organizes tree-planting project

 Web-exclusive Content
Easter, Norwegian style

 It Worked for Us
Golf cart ministry provides welcome, security
Old church pews form new cross
Men create tomato ministry
California church hosts Homeless/Caring Court
Toy Chest Ministry serves children

 Idea Mart
Pentecost: the 'birthday' of the Christian church
Churches save money with energy -efficient measures
Non-Christmas caroling
Check it out: The Parables on DVD

 Leadership Link
Making disciples: leadership resources

March-April 2008

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