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CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: United Methodism 101

"What do you mean we can't choose our own pastor?!!!"
"Why does the United Methodist Church baptize infants?"
"So, what is a conference?"
"And who is John Wesley, anyway?"

Questions such as these arise frequently among newcomers to the United Methodist Church—and from longtime church members who know little about the denomination beyond their own congregation.

"United Methodism 101," an online course produced and sponsored by United Methodist Communications, can help you answer these questions.

This interactive course introduces students to the history, theology, polity and structure of the denomination, and will not only answer questions, but also raise others for discussion.

"United Methodism 101" is a distance-learning course accessed through the Web, with minimal cost to participants. For information about this opportunity, go to [link]

Here are ways you might use it as part of your church's Christian education ministry:

• Orientation for people considering membership;
• Curriculum for a four-week or longer Sunday school class;
• Educating staff members and Sunday school teachers who come from a non-United Methodist background;
• Review the different sections during a series of Administrative Council meetings;
• Have a short-term study next year to set a context for the news people will be hearing from General Conference 2004;
• Curriculum for a lay leadership retreat.

For more information, e-mail the Communications Resourcing Team at, or call (888) 278-4862.

--Kathy Kruger Noble, United Methodist Communications

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