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July-August 2017


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Living together well is hard, but possible

Five leaders talk of how United Methodists can lead in living together well in an inceasingly diverse world. Read More

Church invites others to see that ‘God is in the graffiti’

Youth in California use graffiti and tagging to interpret discussions of current events. Read More

‘Diversity’ carries different meanings

"Diversity" carries varied meanings for United Methodists throughout the world. Read More

Diverse congregations help these churches thrive

These four United Methodist churches thrive as multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-economic congregations. Read More

The Rev. Yohang Chun (fifth adult from left) hosts college students in his home on Friday nights. Photo by Shannon Hodson, Upper New York Advocate

Pastor feeds stomachs and spirits of Korean students

A United Methodist pastor in upper New York gives students from Korea a taste of home with weekly meals and Bible study. Read More

Helping Dallas heal following 2016 shootings

Dallas pastor hopes Year of Unity response to killing of six police officers will become City of Unity movement. Read More

How can I keep from singing?

"Sing" and candlelight vigil brings diverse groups together to seek peace and unity. Read More

Syrian refugee receives visit ‘from Jesus himself’

A refugee entrepreneur from Syria thanks the United Methodists supporting him and his family as they build a new life. Read More

Oh, the places you ought to go

Travel near to home or to foreign settings allows experiencing diversity -- especially when doing so intentionally. Read More

‘Dreamer’ pastor concerned about his future

"Dreamer" pastor hopes to continue life and ministry in the United States. Read More

‘Friendship Bench of Faith’

Since 1999, this interfaith association has brought Christians and Muslims together for understanding and support. Read More

Downward mobility reflects radical faith

Intentionality guides two women's efforts to bring diversity and community into their families' lives. Read More

District-to district partnership encourages diversity through work

United Methodist in Zimbawe and in Western Pennsylvania in the United States contribute to mission work in the African country. Read More

Couple bringing balance to young Native people’s lives

A couple in Oklahoma brings young Native American United Methodists together to build understanding and relationships. Read More

Diversity and Social Media: Q & A

Social media can be a tool to experience diversity and help create more diverse churches. Read More

The Rev. Charles Harrison (third from left) takes part in weekly faith walks to help reduce youth violence in three Indianapolis neighborhoods. Photo courtesy of the Ten Point Coalition

Faith walks, talks reducing youth violence

Faith-based coalition honored for reducing youth violence in Indianapolis. Read More

Family camping builds relationships

Families grow in faith and relationships during church-related camping experiences. Read More

Churches, schools partner to help students

A washer and dryer, notes of encouragement and a goal-oriented teen center make church-school partnerships work. Read More

Called General Conference set for 2019

Recommendations from the Commission on a Way Forward will be the agenda for a called General Conference in February 2019. Read More

Publisher’s Page: Different Gifts

All people have spiritual gifts given by God. The particular gifts differ from person to person. Read More

Feeding pets of the homeless

Ministry keeps beloved and loving pets of homeless people healthy. Read More

Strings in the air

More than 50 musicians played their acoustic instruments during a February worship service at Rock Spring United Methodist Church in Georgia. Read More

‘Love Lunches’ on the go

United Methodists in Pierre, South Dakota, provide lunches for school children during Christmas break -- as well as every weekday of summer vacation. Read More

#SeeAllThePeople to inspire disciple-making movement

#SeeAllThePeople is a grass roots initiative designed to inspire a disciple-making movement across the denomination. Read More

New guide addresses sexuality conversations

A new guide is available to help United Methodists have constructive conversations about human sexuality. Read More

An image from the new website for the United Methodist Board of Church and Society shows a clear identity for the agency and an easy-to-use navigational scheme. Image courtesy of the United Methodist Board of Church and Society. Image courtesy of the United Methodist Board of Church and Society.

Church and Society launches new website

New web design for The United Methodist Church’s social justice agency includes user-friendly search options and action-focused content. Read More

WAYS: How did you develop a relationship with someone of a different ethnic group or nationality?

Interpreter readers share their learning when first meeting someone of a different racial or ethnic group or nationality. Read More

I Am United Methodist: The Rev. Vetle Karlsen Eide

Norwegian United Methodist finds life as ordained deacon the way of living his faith. Read More

Technology: Navigating the sea of social media

Make social media posts that tell stories and don't need a backstory to be understood. Read More

To Be United Methodist: Moving pastors

United Methodist pastors change the congregations they are serving. How does this happen? Read More