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2013-2016 Projects Supported through The Advance


Through The Advance, United Methodists can make gifts to support the work of more than 850 projects and 300 missionaries at sites around the globe. Listed below—by country and with their Advance number—are the projects to which United Methodists can give with the assurance that 100 percent of the gift will be used as designated.

To learn more about a specific project, go to and enter the number or name. You may also order a free copy of 2013-2016 Giving Opportunities through The Advance, published by the General Board of Global Ministries, at

Projects are listed by country or state within the United States. "Global" indicates a project has sites in more than one country.


982147 Church and Community Ministry

00779Z Missionaries around the World

13105Z Young Adult Mission Service Programs


400400 400 Fund

982065 Agricultural Missions Rural Training & Women in Development (AMI)

333615 Anti-Human Trafficking

982325 Bread for the World

14680A Children, Poverty, and Violence

982027 Children's Ministries

982810 Church World Service, Blankets+

982380 Church World Service, CROP Hunger Walk

742566 Communities of Shalom

982447 Community Garden Assistance Program Internship

982009 Community-Based Malaria Control Program

3020796 Community-Based Primary Health Care

3021634 Compatible Technology International

982730 Contain Your Joy

982339 Deaconess-Home Missioner Cutting Edge Ministry

982450 Disaster Response, International

171282 Feed My Starving Children

982418 Fill the Ark: Heifer International

982493 Foods Resource Bank (FRB)

3021064 Global Education: Hope for the Future

06504A Global Health Action

982459 Global Justice Volunteer Program

01138A Global Mission Undesignated

982168 Health Systems Strengthening Program

982832 Healthcare Volunteers

982029 Hunger and Development

982465 Individual Volunteers

982468 Leadership Development Grants

3020513 Literacy for All

982532 Living Gifts: Heifer International

901440 Material Resources

982630 Medicine Box

14681A Migrant Worker Rights

982562 Ministry with Deaf, Late-Deafened, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind People

982645 Mother and Child Survival

982665 Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Mobility Device

982458 Primetimers

3021095 Recycling through Redistribution: Medical Relief to the Third World

982540 Refugee Response

982598 Response to Alcohol and Other Drug Concerns

982670 Restorative Justice Ministries

982795 Stop Hunger Now

3020761 Support for International Volunteer Coordinators

171142 The Center for Victims of Torture

3020778 UMCOR Animal Livestock and Training

3021770 UMCOR Global Health

901515 UMCOR Sager Brown

999895 UMCOR Undesignated

3021113 UM Children's Fund for Christian Mission

982345 UM Global AIDS Fund

901375 UM Volunteers in Mission - North Central Jurisdiction

982760 UM Volunteers in Mission - Northeastern Jurisdiction

901455 UM Volunteers in Mission - South Central Jurisdiction

901875 UM Volunteers in Mission - Southeastern Jurisdiction

901463 UM Volunteers in Mission - Western Jurisdiction

3020600 Water and Sanitation

982161 World Communion Scholarships

982920 World Hunger and Poverty


Africa Regional

12922Y Africa Operation Classroom

14260A Aviation Assistance Program

3020443 Home-Based Care Alliance in Africa

3021190 Imagine No Malaria

532001 Mercy Ships Restoration of Hope

982015 Nothing But Nets

982580 Prosthesis Program

3019626 UMCOR Aviation Project

982188 UMCOR Sustainable Agriculture and Development

982023 ZOE Ministry


3021236 Community Leadership Development for Youth

15061A East Angola Evangelization

3021235 Evangelism and Church Expansion Ministry

3021234 Leadership Development Skills for Women

14386A Luz do Saber (Light of Knowing Literacy Program)

3021394 Pastors' Salary Support in West Angola

105625 Quessua Mission

11638N Quessua Mission Boarding School

11639N Quessua Women's Training Center

3021453 Supplement Salary for Pastors in East Angola

11640N Theology School at Quessua Mission

3021228 Vacation Bible School for Children

Burkina Faso

189001 World Neighbors: Capacity Building for Women in Burkina Faso


3021035 Burundi AIDS Orphans Project


00344A Cameroon Mission Initiative

3021539 Cameroon UMC Micro-Credit

Democratic Republic of Congo

3021396 Agricultural School at Wembo Nyama

3021586 Agriculture and Development Center

3020641 Alleviating Food Insecurity in Southern Congo

3021639 Assistance for Deaf Ministry Implementation in North Katanga

3021034 Boys' Orphanage Building, Jamaa Letu Orphanages

12780A Care and Feeding of Street Children

3020674 Central Congo Resource Center

08595A Central Congo Wings of Caring

3021036 Child Action Initiative

12705A Christian Education Materials

3020652 Church Construction in Trabeka City and Kasaji Lukoshi

11056A Conference Women's School Fund

3021212 Congo Restoration

3020680 Construction of Churches and Parsonages

3020671 Diengenga Clinic

15108C Diengenga Industrial Department

3021397 Diengenga Trade School, Lodja

14962A Electronic Communication

3021404 English Language Courses in Central Congo Area

10337A English-Speaking School of Lubumbashi, The

06620A Evangelism

3021399 Goma Orphanage

3021626 HIV-AIDS Project in Kamina & Surrounding Villages

3021071 Jamaa Letu Orphanages Operating Expenses

08639A Kalemie Nutritional Center

3020510 Kamina Friends Enterprise Facilitation and Economic Development

3021452 Kamina Methodist University

14398A Kamina Orphanage

3021398 Kananga Mission Station

14433A Katanga Methodist University

14432A Katanga Methodist University, Professors' Salaries

3021398 Kananga Mission Station

15135A Kindu and Tunda Health Center Reconstruction

15138N Kindu Orphanage Improvements

15100N Kinshasa Orphanage Rebuilding and Reopening

3020682 Kisangani Health Center and Maternity Center Reconstruction

3021401 Kisangani Mission Station

3021537 Leadership Resource Development

04173B Lodja Pastors

14409N Lupandilo Nursing School and Clinic

3020687 Mama Tola Women Development Program Congo

3020715 Mama Wa Salama (Lady of Peace), Bethel Church Project

13573O Minga Hospital and Wembo Nyama Repairs and Solar Panels for Maternity

05773A Mulungwishi Theological Seminary

08112A Mulungwishi Women's School

3021580 Museba Village United Methodist Church Building

12740K New District Superintendents

12704T North Katanga Livestock Development

12762O North Katanga Solar Panels Project

08597A North Katanga Wings of the Morning

3021630 Nutritional Project

11071A Nyembo Umpungu Mission Projects

3021400 Pastors' Course of Study

3021403 The Patrice Emery Lumumba University

15131A Primary and Secondary Schools

3021078 Ralph Miller Orphanage Construction in Lukoshi

00596A Samuteb Memorial Hospital in Kapanga

3021629 Sewing Workshop

3020662 Shungu Clinic

3020478 Skills Training Center for Women in Musumba Village

08596A Southern Congo Wings of the Morning

3020673 United Methodist Church Technical Support

3021116 Water Project for Jamaa Letu Orphanages

12773O Water Pumps

3021395 Wembo Nyama Industrial Department

15116B Wembo Nyama Pastors' School

3021118 Widows' Association

Côte d'Ivoire

3020512 United Methodist Schools of Côte d'Ivoire


3021592 Enhancing the Quality of Life for Mothers and Children through Healthcare


118001 Livelihood Opportunities in the Upper River Region of the Gambia


3021026 Accessibility to Clean Water

120004 Combating Hunger and Malnutrition

3020572 Epworth Youth Training and Employment Program

3021605 Fighting Maternal-Related Deaths within the Six Island Communities of the Volta Lake

3020588 Ghana Water Projects

3021619 Life Water Project

120002 Mechanizing Women's Palm Oil Processing

3020587 Methodist Rafiki Satellite Village

3020810 Poverty Alleviation and Microcredit in Mo Dega

3020479 Youth and Women in Apiculture for Economic Empowerment


3020628 Evangelization and Church Growth


15176N African Rural Institute (ARI) School

140161 AIDS Orphans Project, Maua Hospital

3020448 Alternative Rite of Passage

3021567 Breaking the Food Poverty Cycle in Kenya

14454T Campaign to Prevent Malaria

14083A Children of Africa Hope Center

10985N Church Sanctuary Construction

14219P Clean Water Delivery Ministry

140160 Community Integrated AIDS Time-Initiative, Maua Methodist Hospital

3021043 Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Kopanga

3021424 Delivering Clean Water to Kenyan Schools

3021420 Disability Empowerment Through Integrated Activities

3021624 Environmental Conservation in Local Communities

14217A Kaaga Bio-Intensive Agricultural Training Center

3020607 Kenya Methodist University Health Center (KEMU Health Center)

14152B Kenya Methodist University Scholarships

14231A Leadership Development for Women

3021425 Living Hope High School

140159 Maternal and Child Health Program, Maua Hospital

09613A Maua Hospital - Hospital Service Fund

09610A Maua Hospital, Operational Outreach

3021421 Methodist Youth Empowerment and Resource Center

14453A Ministerial Training

3021618 Motorcycles for Pastors and Evangelists

3021411 Mulwanda Community Development Initiative

3021665 Peacebuilding Program in East Africa Annual Conference

3019212 Providence Children's Home

3021426 St. Paul's Methodist Health Center


11820A Bishop Judith Craig Children's Village

3020790 Brighter Future Children Rescue Center

12548A Camphor United Methodist Mission

3020670 Construction of New School Buildings

3020646 Feeding of Homebound Elderly and Training Caregivers

15080N Ganta United Methodist Hospital

3021557 Ganta United Methodist Mission Land Protection Initiative - Phase I

14369T Ganta United Methodist Mission Station Program Support

3020622 General Health and Ministry

3021643 George Way Harley Regional Medical Center

3021062 Girls' Dormitory

14365A Hope for the Deaf Skills Training Program

3020494 Liberia Operation Classroom

15124A Pastors and District Superintendent Salary Support

3020679 Revitalization of Gbarnga Mission and School of Theology

15125B Scholarships for Elementary, Secondary, College & Seminary Education

3021654 Sheltering the Children of John Dean Town

14488A Swords Turned into Plowshares

15070A United Methodist Church Agriculture Program (UMCAP)

3020811 Water for Life


3021414 Church Development

3021415 Elimination of Poverty: Food Security

3021417 Good Nutrition for People Living with HIV-AIDS

3021416 Leadership Development

00203A Malawi Missionary Conference


3021031 Assistance to Trafficked Women and Children


3021656 Bungane Secondary School and Women's Training Center

3020561 Cambine Agriculture Program

12572A Cambine Theological Seminary

3020657 Carolyn Belshe Orphanage Center (CBO)

09734A Chicuque Rural Hospital

3020476 Dondo Orphanage

3021564 JustaPaz - Conflict Transformation and Restorative Justice Ministry

3021083 Methodist Institute for Community Development

10134A Mozambique Bible School

14507J Shelter for Displaced Widows

3021628 SOL Communication

15031A The Center of Hope (HIV-AIDS)

15036A Theological Education

14512A Training Center for Women of Nicoadala

14509A Tsalala Women Training Center and Program Department


3020529 Agricultural Development Program

10318B Banyam Theological Seminary Scholarship

3021572 Beverly Nolte Computer Training Institute and Communication Center (BNCC)

3021576 Bukuru Church Building

3021631 Gwaten Comprehensive Secondary School

3021070 Jalingo UMC Orphanage

3021616 The United Methodist Men Organization

3021611 UMCN Children's Ministry

3021615 UMCN Church Kano

3021609 UMCN Junior Seminary, Secondary School Fencing Project and Access Road

3021625 UMCN Kona District, Interfaith Center Nukkai

3021594 UMCN Nursery-Primary School, Gwandum

3021607 UMCN Nursery-Primary School, Jalingo

3021577 Women Division Central Conference Annual Revival

3021584 Women Leadership Training Center (WLTC) Bambur

3021593 Women Leadership Training Center Zing


3020633 Animal Livestock

3021550 Gisenyi United Methodist Church Project

3021551 Kibungo United Methodist Multipurpose Building Construction

3021541 Mahoko United Methodist Vocational Training Center

3021532 Rwamagana United Methodist Secondary School Construction

3020747 Rwanda Water and Sanitation

3021531 Rwinkwavu United Methodist Pre-School Construction

3021303 True Vineyard Ministries, Inc.


3021544 Anti-Poverty Initiative (API)

14519N Church Construction in Senegal

3021646 HOPE Ministries

12594A Senegal Mission Initiative

14525A Senegal Wellness Project

14526A Women's Skills Center

Sierra Leone

14377A Child Rescue Center

3020592 Conference Communications Equipment

09229A Lowell and Ruth Gess UMC Eye Hospital

13760N Manjama United Methodist Health Center

15173A Mercy Hospital

3021644 Pa Loko Agricultural Development Project

3021290 Pan-African Rural Health & Social Services (PRHESS)

3021642 Regina Bangura School of Nursing

12922A Sierra Leone Operation Classroom

181000 Sierra Leone Water and Development Ministry

14552A Training for Pastoral and Community Leadership

14536A UMC Kissy General Hospital

3020550 United Methodist Community Radio

3021641 United Methodist University of Sierra Leone

3021645 Vehicle for Communications Ministry

South Africa

13157A H.E.L.P. Ministries International Trust

3021238 John Wesley Community Center

11033A John Wesley Primary School

3021407 Masifunqulane Missions

14154A Phakamisa

3021410 Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary

180757 Sizanani Academy, Sewing Project

3020999 South Africa Relief, Development, and Recovery

14363A Southern Africa Methodist Volunteers In Mission

3021558 Vumelani Abantwana

3021632 Zimele Community - Building Self-Reliance

South Sudan

3020638 Animal Livestock and Beekeeping

3021297 South Sudan Church and Nursery School Build Project (South Sudan CAN Build)

3021289 South Sudan District Congregations Organized for Microfinance Empowerment (South Sudan COME)

3021282 South Sudan Health Clinic

3021298 South Sudan Health Empowering All Lives (South Sudan HEAL)

3021431 South Sudan Pastor Annual Support Transition from Outside Resources

3021296 South Sudan Renewing Environment and Agriculture for People (South Sudan REAP)

3020787 South Sudan Shalom Ministry

3021433 South Sudan Training Educators, Adding Capacity to Help Villages (South Sudan TEACH Villages)

3021218 Wells for Sustainability in South Sudan

3020758 Yei Community-Based Healthcare Program


3020452 Angel House Orphanage and School

3020610 Christian Education and Leadership Training Center, Dar es Salaam

15159N Ilula Orphan Program

3020609 Local Pastors' Salary Support

3020710 Morogoro Pastors' Training Center

15048N Morogoro United Methodist Preschools

15053O Reaching Out Ministry

15049A Street Children Care

3020705 Susannah Wesley Training Center

15059N United Methodist Church Construction, Morogoro

12635N United Methodist Church Guest House and Reception, Dar es Salaam

3020704 Wesley Primary School

15051A Women's Development and Preschool for Orphans, Dar es Salaam


3020631 Agricultural Production and Livestock Training Project

3021612 East Africa Leadership Development

3020746 Giribe Women Heifer Project

3020785 Hope for Africa Children's Choir

14191A Humble United Methodist School

3020781 Humble United Methodists Vocational High School

3021412 My Brother's Keeper Clubs

3020636 Nasuti Women Goat Rearing Project

3020749 Primary Healthcare, Nutrition, and Sanitation Project

3020783 Purchase of Motorcycles for 40 District Superintendents

3020745 Slum Kiosk Credit Program

3020780 Support to 600 Pastors

3020744 Tree Planting Project

3020467 United Methodist Empowerment Center of Jinja

3021284 United Methodist Mobile Bible School

3021652 Wanyange Central UMC Youth Project

3021413 Wanyange United Methodist Women Center

3020751 Women Groundnuts and Bakery Project

3020750 Youth Passion Fruit Growing Project


3021211 Care and Support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Kitwe

11438A Kafakumba Pastors' School and Scholarship

14420T Lord's Mountain Orphanage

15016A Mujila Falls Agriculture Center

15057A New Life Center in Zambia

3020505 Thirsty of Zambia, New Life International

3020777 Tudikwashi Rural Health Care


3021027 Africa University Farm Development

3021028 Africa University Scholarships

11713T Babyfold at Old Mutare Fairfield Children's Home

3021575 Chapanduka Mission School

15120N Compassionate Consultation Initiative Project (CCIP) - Zimbabwe

13790T Glen Norah United Methodist Orphan Trust

13792A Home of Hope Orphanages

13071A Ishe Anes Project for Underprivileged Children

3020768 King David Church Hall

3021123 Pastoral Support Fund

3021538 Safe Communities Projects

3020619 Toothpaste

3021529 Zimbabwe HIV-AIDS



3020522 Community-Based Health & Development in Afghanistan


14917A Cambodia Methodist Bible School Scholarship Fund

00230A Cambodia Mission Initiative

3020788 Cambodia Women's Livelihood projects

3020791 Children and Youth Scholarships

3021536 Christian Education and Curriculum Development

14916A Community Health & Agricultural Development (CHAD-Cambodia)

14923A Faith Engine Ministry

3020542 Healthcare Access and Advocacy (CHAD-Cambodia)

14921A Street Children Ministry

3020789 Women's Empowerment and Leadership Training Project

3021606 Youth Leadership Development

Central Asia

14939A Central Asia Mission Initiative


3021595 Amity Foster Care for Special Needs Orphans and Community-Based Education Project

11422A Amity Printing Press - Bibles and Christian Literature

3021590 Amity Resource Center for Children and Youth with Mental Illness

3021603 Amity Rural Orphan Fostering Project

3021560 Amity Support for Gospel Voluntary Drug Rehabilitation Center

09801A Amity Teachers Program

3021623 Care for Rural Chinese Ministers

3021534 Guangxi Family Preservation and Education Project-China

14582A Happy Children's Home of China

203000 Health Promotion & Care for At-Risk Children and Women in Rural China

3021622 Indigenous Church Construction in West Rural China

3021591 Internship and Exchange Project of Church-run Senior Care Center Personnel

3021608 Jiangsu Christian Volunteer Team Building Project

14241A Mission for Migrant Workers

3021604 The Experimental Project of Promoting Deaf Teacher Teaching Chinese Sign Language in University

Hong Kong

3021660 Redevelopment of Methodist International Church, Hong Kong


3020539 Agape Project

3021563 Anna Tillou Cottage for Mentally Challenged Women's Gardening Project

3020554 Balar Kalvi Nilayam School

3020563 Baldwin Lydia Training Center

09834N Church and Parsonage Buildings

212370 Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) Core Program

3020779 Comprehensive Rural Health Project, Jamkhed

08238A Doddanahalli Rural Health Project

3021589 Home for the Aged in Chinnasalem

08689A In-Service Training Program for Village Preachers

12438A Isabella Thoburn College - Master's and Post-Graduate Programs

3021581 Isabella Thoburn College Residence Facility

00679B Lee Memorial Girls' High School

09954B Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur, India

12429B Ludhiana Christian Medical College & Hospital

09119S Motorcycles and Bicycles

3021613 Opportunity School, Nappalayam - Educational Support for Mentally Challenged Children

12428O Pediatric Services at Ludhiana Christian Hospital

06247A Pioneer Evangelistic Work

3021585 Priyadarshini Welfare Society

01075A Rural Health and Community Development Project of Clara Swain Hospital, Faridpur

3021653 Scholarship for Children for Education at Mabel Jones Hostel

3021540 Scholarship for Youth

3020548 Sharanam Shelter for Abandoned and Vulnerable Children

3021610 Underprivileged People Upliftment Program Through Cottage Industry - Kallakurichi

3021561 Warne Baby Fold, Bareilly

3021588 Widows Rehabilitation Center at Veeracholapuram


220450 Asian Rural Institute

3021663 Tengokuya Cafe (Heaven's Cafe)


3021549 Health Ministry

3021548 Language and Vocational School

14926N Laos Church Buildings

14927A Laos Mission Initiative

3020462 Seed Project

3020470 Women, Children and Youth Ministries


3021232 Hope for New Life


3021582 Church Planting of the Countryside

3021406 Damba UMC

3021053 Detention Center Ministry

14928A Grace Hospice

3021556 Instrumental Music Program for Children and Youth

3021405 Khongkhor UMC

3021076 Learning Center for Children

00209A Mongolia Mission Initiative


3021568 Advocating and Strengthening the Rights of People with Disabilities

13422A Building the Capacity of Church and Community for Social Transformation

229526 Gender Studies and Community Development in Nepal

3020440 Nutrition Project for Urban Communities

13421A Tansen United Mission Hospital


3021056 Asbury Scholarship Fund

3021555 Cordillera Mission District (CMD) Leaders' Capacity Building Project

3021429 Iling Island United Methodist Mission

14033T John and Purnavati Rathod Endowment for Scholarships

3020581 Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation, Inc. (KKFI)

00519B Leadership Development Program for Harris Memorial College

240220 Mary Johnston Hospital Free Hepatitis-B Vaccination

14629A Methodist Rehabilitation and Forest Development, Tumanding, Arakan

14034N Southern Philippines Methodist Colleges Building Project

14035B Southern Philippines Methodist Colleges, Scholarships and Meals

3021651 UMC - BEA Global Center Project

240235 UMCOR Philippines

3021233 Youth and Young Adults Wholistic Empowerment Program

3021569 Zamboanga Amores Interfaith Development Project

3021562 Zamboanga City UMC Vehicle for Evangelism & Mission

3021602 Zamboanga Peninsula District Church Planting Project


3021126 Trinity Theological College

South Korea

10456A Taejon Christian Social Welfare Center

Sri Lanka

3021570 Navajeevanam - Wanni Institute of Nature Farming


3021209 AIDS Orphanage in Thailand

00403A Thailand Mission Initiative


3021647 Bibles for Vietnam

3020525 Victims of Agent Orange

14932A Vietnam Mission Initiative


Europe/Eurasia Regional

15063A Leadership Training in Central and Southern Europe

3021181 Methodist E-Academy

3020676 Ministry with Roma People in Central and Southern Europe

15065A Pastors' Salary Support for Central and Southern Europe


00207A Albania In Mission Together


12001A English-Speaking United Methodist Church


00223A Bulgaria In Mission Together

Czech Republic

00399A Czech Republic In Mission Together

3021543 English-Speaking United Methodist Church of Prague


15021B Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary Scholarships

10923N Baltic Mission Center

13526A Salary Support for Ministers


3020569 Projet Vie (Project Life)


3021662 Hamburg International (HIUMC)

3020450 Language and Migrant Ministries: Germany

3021554 Lay Speaking Training among Migrant Congregations in Germany


00175A Hungary In Mission Together

3020681 Roma Mission and Community Center in Alsozsolca


14698T Skainos Project Belfast


3021533 Migrant Ministries in Milan


15160N Camp Wesley

3020447 Hope Center of Latvia

00235A Latvia Mission Initiative

14706A Salary Support for Pastors


13544A Christian Educational Institute

14934A Family Development Projects

12168A Lithuania Mission Initiative

13545A Pagalbos Centras (Help Center)

14715A Pastors' Salary Support

13555A Summer Camp for Lithuanian Children and Youth


14047A Christian Education Resources and Supplies

00220A Macedonia In Mission Together


00408A Poland In Mission Together


15087A Global Hope

00211A Romania In Mission Together


14275A Bibles and Christian Literature

3020471 Camp for Handicapped Children

15179A Camp Voronezh

3020472 Center for Women Who Suffer from Violence

14278A Children, Youth, and Student Ministries and Camps

15180N Church Buildings

11510A Eurasia Mission Initiative - Russia and Belarus

12174A Moscow Seminary - Scholarship and Academic Support

14279A Orphanage Ministries

14723A Prison Ministries

3021571 Spring Center Ministry


3020538 Christian Club for Youth

3020533 Church Renovation

00229A Serbia In Mission Together


00236A Slovakia In Mission Together


3020454 Seminary Scholarships


14053A Eurasia Mission Initiative - Ukraine and Moldova

14054A St. Luke's UMC Family Center, Kyiv

14055A University Student Ministries


Latin America/Caribbean Regional

418242 Child to Child Health Promotion: Haiti, Dominican Republic and USA

14729A Encounter with Christ in Latin America and the Caribbean

3020605 Stimulating Caribbean Publications

Latin America Regional

3021620 Overcoming Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean

3021553 Social Work (Diacony) in Emergency Situations of Latin America and the Caribbean

3021627 Youth in Mission - Latin America and the Caribbean

Antigua and Barbuda

401420 Gilbert Agricultural & Rural Development Center

3020603 New Nathaniel Gilbert Initiative


3021287 House of Prayer for All People

3021635 Williams C. Morris Middle School Expansion - La Boca Neighborhood


10158A Andean Rural Healthcare Program

3021291 Bolivian Pastors' Endowment Fund

3021621 Church Projects in Bolivia

3020466 Comprehensive Educational and Health Program in Central District

3021535 Engineers in Action

3020459 Health and Educational Development of Children - Emmanuel-Luz de Vida Methodist Church

3021633 Health Projects in Bolivia

3020460 Leadership Development and Enrichment

15154A Methodist Children's Home

05916A National Christian Formation and Children's Ministry

05912A Pastoral Salaries in Bolivia

3021288 Peru-Bolivia Lake Titicaca Border Mission

09739A Quechua Mission Evangelism

3020535 Senior Adult Ministries in Bolivia

12309A Thiu Rancho Project

12320A Urban Santa Cruz Children's Ministry