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Artist Ferdinand Pauwels’ 1872 piece “Luther Posting the 95 Theses” depicts Martin Luther’s act in 1517. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Reformation and the Wesleys: A complex relationship

John Wesley added sanctification to Reformation theology's emphasis on justification by faith. Read More

The Rev. Mark Galang (second from right) joins a demonstration advocating a living wage for workers at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Courtesy photo

Valuing work and workers part of UM social witness

United Methodists have long supported workers and workplace justice. They were the basis of the church's 1908 Social Creed. Read More

Mark Deshon leads the emphasis on Wesleyan discipleship at Newark United Methodist Church in Delaware. Photo courtesy of  Mark Deshon

General Rule of Discipleship leads to disciplined life

Being held accountable in small groups for keeping the Rule of Discipleship can shape the lives of United Methodist Christians. Read More

Change: It’s constant

Changes in the roles of laity and women and the relationships between majority and minority ethnic groups have shaped today's United Methodist Church. Read More


One faith, different understandings

The Wesleyan spirit can be a source of unity among United Methodists with strong and differing opinions on many topics. Read More

Mountain View UMC, Boulder, CO

Small and large steps make church carbon neutral

Solar panels, new lighting and appliances and more insulation contribute to this church's efforts to care for creation. Read More

Jan-Feb 2017 cover

Body, mind and spirit connect to create abundant life

For abundant life, the three parts that make humans human -- body, mind and spirit -- will all be in harmony. Read More

A Wesleyan Understanding of Grace

At the heart of Wesleyan/Methodist theology and practice is a profound understanding and vital experience of grace. Grace, as understood, experienced and proclaimed by the United Methodists remains relevant... Read More

Return of the Prodigal

The Gift of Grace

Grace is a gift that keeps giving, God active within us, doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. It is dynamic and ongoing. Read More

computer prayer group - gil hanke

Grace: Responding with piety and mercy

Throughout the centuries, God has been extending grace to people through everyday practices. These means of grace, as John Wesley called them, continue to inform and enrich people of faith... Read More

Abundant Grace: Living Grace

Grace. One tiny word that will change your life. We know, because extraordinary and everyday experiences of grace forever changed our lives. Read More

Elise Matheny Eslinger

Abundant Grace: A Crash Course in Grace

God's grace can show up in the most unexpected places and circumstances. For Elise Matheny Eslinger, this grace literally came crashing into her life on Oct. 8, 1989. Read More

Somebody cared

The grace, the love freely given, illustrated in the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) is to be extended to the physically beaten – and to the spiritually beaten. A... Read More

Susan Henry-Crowe - GBCS

Voting: A Prayerful Act

Voting is a matter of faith, citizenship and democracy. It is a kind of prayer and faithful testament to the belief that every citizen bears a responsibility and equal right... Read More

Mark Windley

God’s grace: Presented/re-presented through the sacraments

They are rituals as old as Christianity itself. A pastor takes bread and cup, recounts God's saving activities, gives thanks and serves the people. A person, often an infant, is... Read More

Our Social Creed

"Our Social Creed" summarizes the teachings on which the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church expand. Read More

Angels fill a booth at a Christmas Market in Munich, Germany.

Angels among us: God’s heavenly messengers for the world

Clearly, we love angels. But what do we actually know about them? Read More

A child bathes in water from an open pipe following Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, Philippines. Natural and humanitarian disasters often raise questions of why there is suffering.

Faithful Questions: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Tragedy strikes. A loved one dies unexpectedly. Mental illness steals a family's hope. Someone gets cancer. In the face of such pain and suffering, people ask: "Where is God in... Read More

A Call to Prayer and Action

Please join the Council of Bishops in prayer, reflection and action toward overcoming the issues that sometimes divide our societies. Together we can find ways, appropriate to our social context,... Read More

Paws and Play

Children in Kansas tell their hopes and hurts to therapy dogs who visit their school regularly. Read More