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Bishops address same-gender issues in new book


Questions and conflict abound about same-gender relationships and The United Methodist Church.

As laity and clergy hear prayers, questions and outpourings of conviction or anguish, many hunger for the church to engage hard questions with rigorous thinking and deep prayer and in a spirit of generosity, gracefulness and mutual respect.

Finding Our Way: Love and Law in The United Methodist Church, published by Abingdon Press, is aimed at enunciating and clarifying pathways that represent faithful, responsible and constructive ways forward. Co-authors are eight United Methodist bishops: Kenneth H. Carter Jr., Reuben P. Job, J. Michael Lowry, Gregory V. Palmer, Melvin G. Talbert, Hope Morgan Ward, Rosemarie Wenner and John K. Yambasu.

Each articulates a view to move readers through tensions related to homosexual practice, same-gender unions, qualifications for ordination and related issues of church teaching and governance. The book encourages frank and constructive dialogue and prayer to help United Methodists reach faithful, fair, just and loving resolution to issues that challenge the faith community.

Readers can join the dialogue at