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Congregational Care


Step in to help grieving children

The resilency of children doesn't eliminate their feeling grief and pain during the holidays. Read More

When it is not the most wondrous time ...

How does the church minister to those for whom the holiday season is less than joy-filled? Read More

Family camping builds relationships

Families grow in faith and relationships during church-related camping experiences. Read More

Diverse congregations help these churches thrive

These four United Methodist churches thrive as multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-economic congregations. Read More

The Rev. Yohang Chun (fifth adult from left) hosts college students in his home on Friday nights. Photo by Shannon Hodson, Upper New York Advocate

Pastor feeds stomachs and spirits of Korean students

A United Methodist pastor in upper New York gives students from Korea a taste of home with weekly meals and Bible study. Read More

Reading time. Grandparents who parent their grandchildren can face many challenges, but can also receive many rewards.. Photo by Christopher Fenoglio, United Methodist Communications.

Grandparents are parenting again

Churches can provide support to the growing number of grandparents who are the primary care givers for their grandchildren. Read More

Health Fair - FUMC, Gilford, NH

Faith community nurses minister at grassroots

Faith community nurses focus on holistic care of the spirit and body, emphasizing health promotion and illness prevention. In United Methodist congregations, some nurses are members of church staffs while... Read More

Breaking the taboo: The church and mental illness

Churches are places of refuge, places where spiritual families can talk about anything -- even mental illness. But, even in church, stigmas continue and conversation about mental illness can be... Read More

Alzheimer’s program boosts more than the brain

Activities exercising their bodies and their minds are offered to members of the Brain Fitness Club for people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Read More

Christmas teddy bear

12 days before Christmas

Giving "12 Days of Christmas" before the holiday can bring cheer to those for whom the holidays are lonely and or painful because of the loss of a loved one. You... Read More

Abundant Grace: Living Grace

Grace. One tiny word that will change your life. We know, because extraordinary and everyday experiences of grace forever changed our lives. Read More

Somebody cared

The grace, the love freely given, illustrated in the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) is to be extended to the physically beaten – and to the spiritually beaten. A... Read More

Brian Terrell (early 1990s photo)

Pastor, congregation journey with man on death row

It was Holy Week 2015. At Grace United Methodist Church, Covington, Georgia, the Rev. George Lanier was preaching about Christ's journey to the cross. Choir member Barbara A. Terrell-Humphreys became very... Read More

A child bathes in water from an open pipe following Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, Philippines. Natural and humanitarian disasters often raise questions of why there is suffering.

Faithful Questions: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Tragedy strikes. A loved one dies unexpectedly. Mental illness steals a family's hope. Someone gets cancer. In the face of such pain and suffering, people ask: "Where is God in... Read More

Communion is shared during the Believer’s Garden worship service held at The U  in San Antonio. This service is especially for adults who have cognitive and developmental challenges.

Special-needs ministries welcome, embrace families

A United Methodist deacon and author of a book for parents of special-needs children shares tips for how churches can make a place for these families. Read More

Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

Returning lost sheep – or letting them go with love

Perhaps you've been there. You visit a church, join and get involved in its ministries, both as a participant and a volunteer. Then something happens: schedule changes, transportation issues, family... Read More

Fractured families seek strength, support

Pastors and churches can provide spiritual and emotional support and help find protection for adults and children living with domestic violence. Read More

Tafadzwa (left) and the Rev. Ever Mudambanuki pose with their toddler son, Wesley.

Son’s death plunges bereaved couple into abyss of grief

While the acts of many friends were helpful, the comments of others added to the pain when the Tafadzwa and the Rev. Ever Mudambanuki lost their toddler son. After a... Read More

Author Jerry D. Campbell

Gifts of Presence

It is not easy to know how to relate to someone experiencing deep grief. Such grief comes to all of us eventually, usually more than once in our human experience. Read More

United Methodists nurture Ebola survivors

During the Ebola crisis, United Methodists provided food and other supplies for those affected. They also provided care and comfort for those who lost family members to the disease. Read More