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Covenant Bible Study emphasizes relationships


Covenant Bible Study

Produced by Abingdon Press, a new 24-week Bible study offers a fresh look at a timeless promise and enduring commitment between God and God's people to live in a loving relationship with and for each other.

Covenant Bible Study participants will discuss this unique and special relationship — as well as humans' relationships with each other and the world around them. Through sharing and conversation, Covenant will help participants to apply the Bible to their personal story.

The study covers both the Old and the New testaments — discussing books from each to show the interconnectedness of Scripture. The in-depth Bible study contains three eight-week modules, each dealing with an aspect of covenant: creating, living and trusting.

Video segments hosted by the Rev. Shane Stanford, senior pastor at Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, Tenn., and the Rev. Christine Chakoian, senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Lake Forest, Ill., will be a part of each Covenant Bible Study group meeting. Participants' guides are available in print or as enhanced e-books in the Covenant Bible Study app.

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