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Stories and helps for growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ and overcoming the challenges of being a faithful disciple; ideas for helping others to grow as disciples.

Lent this year begins on Ash Wednesday, March 1, and continues until sunset on Saturday, April 15.

Preparing for Lent

New devotional books and studies from Abingdon Press and The Upper Room and other new resources can help make Lent 2017 meaningful. Read More

Church helps struggling 5th graders thrive

United Methodists in Texas use Human Relations Day grant to help elementary students achieve their potential, prepare for later success in school. Read More

MLK Memorial

A Letter to Martin Luther King Jr.—2017

In his annual birthday letter to the Rev. Martin Luther King J., Bishop Woodie White urges striving for a more beloved community in the face of exclusiveness and division. Read More

Physical fitness at Carson UMC in Iowa

Sweat is evidence of body stewardship

Pastor’s emphasis on physical fitness builds bodies -- and Body of Christ -- at Carson United Methodist Church in Iowa. Read More

John Wesley's exercise hourse

Wesley and physical health: Practicing what he preached

John Wesley cared deeply about his followers’ spiritual health; he also offered advice for good physical health. Read More

Meditating at Manidoan Camp and Retreat Center

Patterning Jesus: Get away and rest

If Jesus could find time for rest, prayer and time apart, shouldn't his followers do the same? That is why United Methodists are avid supporters of camping and retreat ministry. Read More

Woman meditating

Spiritual direction nurturing the journey toward god

Spiritual direction offers companionship as one makes the spiritual journey drawing nearer and nearer to God. Read More

Jan-Feb 2017 cover

Body, mind and spirit connect to create abundant life

For abundant life, the three parts that make humans human -- body, mind and spirit -- will all be in harmony. Read More

Hans Martin Renno

Wählen und christlichen Nachfolge: Gebraucht - klüge, wache, inspirierte Köpfe

Am Anfang der Bibel beauftragt Gott die Menschen: Nehmt die Erde in Besitz (Gen 1,28). Der Mensch erhält von Gott die Aufgabe, den Garten bzw. die Erde zu pflegen und... Read More

The Wesley Pilgrimage: The method of early Methodism

Disciple-making and disciple-shaping groups not only the method but also the genius of the early Wesleyan and Methodist movements. They remain so for United Methodists today. Read More

Philander Smith College students

Offering helps students defray higher education costs

On Sunday, Nov. 27, United Methodists will celebrate United Methodist Student Day by receiving a special offering. The proceeds of which help provide scholarships to students at United Methodist-related colleges and... Read More

Hans Martin Renno

Voting as Christian discipleship: Sharp, alert, inspired minds needed

Disciples of Jesus are challenged to take a proactive role in many different aspects of social commitment. Read More

Voting as Christian Discipleship: Participation in political process is opportunity, responsibility

Should Christians participate in the political process that governs our country (from local school board to U.S. president), and if so, how? Read More

The Rev. Dr. Carolyn J. Davis

Voting as Christian Discipleship: Let compassion, care shape participation

How would presidential debates change if candidates started with concern for the other wonders Carolyn J. Davis, deputy director of Center for Public Theology at United Methodist-related Wesley Theological Seminary. Read More

Season of Advent Pinecones - stock

A time of sacred waiting: Keeping Advent at home

Many individuals, families and churches have traditions for keeping Advent -- a time of preparation and reflection in anticipation of the gift celebrated during Christmas. Read More

Return of the Prodigal

The Gift of Grace

Grace is a gift that keeps giving, God active within us, doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. It is dynamic and ongoing. Read More

computer prayer group - gil hanke

Grace: Responding with piety and mercy

Throughout the centuries, God has been extending grace to people through everyday practices. These means of grace, as John Wesley called them, continue to inform and enrich people of faith... Read More

Elise Matheny Eslinger

Abundant Grace: A Crash Course in Grace

God's grace can show up in the most unexpected places and circumstances. For Elise Matheny Eslinger, this grace literally came crashing into her life on Oct. 8, 1989. Read More

Holy Communion

Communion on Election Day can make a statement

Across the United States, United Methodist and other churches will open their doors on Nov. 8 for Election Day Communion, acknowledging the hope found in Christ and participating in holy acts... Read More

Susan Henry-Crowe - GBCS

Voting: A Prayerful Act

Voting is a matter of faith, citizenship and democracy. It is a kind of prayer and faithful testament to the belief that every citizen bears a responsibility and equal right... Read More