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Photo by Klaus Ulrich Ruof/Communications UMC Germany

Young visitors struggle with a puzzle to figure out what Re-formation means as they visit the German Kirchentag in Berlin in May. The puzzle is now being used at the United Methodist booth at the Reformation exhibition in Wittenberg, Germany.

German UMs join Reformation observance


By Klaus Ulrich Ruof
September/October 2017

Anyone who wants to experience the Reformation will not by pass Wittenberg, Germany in 2017. The city is marking the 500th anniversary of the event with lots of information and experiences about history and today's churches. The United Methodist Church in Germany is also participating and is part of the World Reformation Exhibition that opened in July.


While still in office, now retired Germany Bishop Rosemarie Wenner announced that United Methodists would participate. "If we make the renewal power of the gospel work, reformation will happen at any time," Wenner said. Participation in the exhibition also symbolized her gratitude for the membership of The United Methodist Church and other Methodist churches in Europe in the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE), which has existed since 1997.

Churches from all over the world, international institutions, organizations, initiatives and many cultural creators are presenting their view of the Reformation at the Exhibition. The United Methodist booth has a large, three-dimensional puzzle "Re-formation." The puzzle, used earlier this year at the "German Kirchentag" (church congress) attracts a great deal of attention there as visitors experience in a playful way how to deal positively with change. An already successfully joined puzzle is to be supplemented by a further part. The puzzle demonstrates how the initially disturbing part can be integrated.

The Rev. Klaus Ulrich Ruof is the communicator for The United Methodist Church in Germany. Contact: