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Living with a grateful heart starts with simple practices

Appreciation, modeling, serving among ways to teach and learn gratitude. Read More

Living in gratitude

Christians find gratitude powerful, contagious and transformative -- and the heart of their faith. Read More

During a CVAC memorial service, a young girl lights a candle in memory of her brother who was killed during a robbery in Atlanta. Photo by Bruce Cook

Making a difference one grant at a time

Gifts on Peace with Justice Sunday support United Methodist and ecumenical ministries, including this one supporting victims of crimes. Read More

Special Sunday honors Native American people, churches

Native American Ministries Sunday on April 30 will both recognize their contributions and benefit outreach and students. Read More

In August 2016, Edna Rajan stacks cleaning buckets from the United Methodist Committee on Relief at a United Way warehouse in Lafayette, La. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

New UMCOR Sunday is March 26

It used to be One Great Hour of Sharing; now it is UMCOR Sunday. Here's why. Read More

Church helps struggling 5th graders thrive

United Methodists in Texas use Human Relations Day grant to help elementary students achieve their potential, prepare for later success in school. Read More

Philander Smith College students

Offering helps students defray higher education costs

On Sunday, Nov. 27, United Methodists will celebrate United Methodist Student Day by receiving a special offering. The proceeds of which help provide scholarships to students at United Methodist-related colleges and... Read More

Why I Give

United Methodists from around the world share why they give money and, specifically, why they give through their church. Read More

The Rev. Scott McKenzie

Live gratefully, live generously

In a village in Malawi where families were starving, the Rev. Scott McKenzie experienced some of the most genuine generosity he's ever witnessed. He learned quickly that gratitude leads to... Read More

Michael Reeves

Preaching, teaching generosity

Pastors do not feel equipped to address the connection of faith and money. They generally have not been trained in their theological studies or through continuing education. Read More

The Rev. Clif Christopher

The ‘third rail’ of being a pastor: Knowing who gives what

By most accounts, it is the third rail of being a local church pastor: touch it, and you'll get zapped. "It" is the long-standing question, "Should a pastor know how... Read More

Fourth-grader Faith Watters sells lemonade and art work to support the efforts of her Sunday school class to buy a llama. She is from Los Altos United Methodist Church in California.

Let the children give

When a fourth-grader realized how much money her Sunday school class needed to raise to purchase a llama for a family in need, her passion and creativity stirred. Read More

Bishop Kenneth L. Carder

John Wesley on giving

Giving in the Wesleyan tradition: Giving must be more than a response to an appeal to general humanitarianism. It must be rooted and grounded theologically and missionally. Read More

Isabella Tinte (right) and Hazel Rollolazo are part of the worship team at Beacon United Methodist Church in Seattle.

Giving time and service

Whether you live at a frenetic pace, overextending yourself to the point of exhaustion or are the type who is most comfortable budgeting your time, one thing is certain: As... Read More

The Rev. Thad Austin

Electronic giving raises techno-, theo-logical questions

The preference among churchgoers for electronic giving is clear. A recent study showed that 79 percent of 24-34 year olds prefer to give electronically with 60 percent of all attendees stating the... Read More

Young people engage in Bible study during the United Methodist Seminar Program on National/International Affairs sponsored by the General Board of Church and Society.

Connecting through giving, United Methodists change lives

As they give generously, United Methodists together make disciples and transform the world for Christ. Read More

‘Together We Do More’ encouraging generous living

"Together we do more" is what actually happens when United Methodists pool their gifts of money, time and talent to do mission and ministry. Read More

Moses Kumar

Budget proposal still in flux

As the United States' economy has recovered from the 2008 crash, The United Methodist Church as a whole has seen its financial health improve. At the same time, declines in worship... Read More

The Rev. David M. Wilson (left) of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference and Bishop Gary Mueller preside over Holy Communion as part of the 2015 Arkansas Annual Conference’s Service of Repentance and Reconciliation toward Indigenous People. The gathering was held in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where centuries ago, native tribes laid down their weapons so everyone could partake of the healing waters. Learning about the acts of repentance in which United Methodists have engaged since 2012 is one way to observe Native American Ministries Sunday.

Special Sunday serves as reminder of Native American contributions

Native American Ministries Sunday is one of The United Methodist Church's six churchwide Special Sundays with offerings. It is a day United Methodists focus on the gifts and contributions made... Read More

Robin Wertz, case manager, and the Rev. Steve Byrd, director, staff Exodus House in Oklahoma City.

Changing lives, building understanding

Exodus House in Oklahoma, a youth council in Europe and a project built around the continuing Palestinian-Israeli conflict are among the varied projects supported by offerings given on Peace with... Read More

World Communion Scholarship recipient Lena Kuffuor-Afriyi

Scholarship recipient applies lessons to life

A World Communion Sunday offering-supported scholarship is allowing this New York student to pursue a career in pharmacy, a step toward her dream of serving people in Ghana. Read More

Daybreak in Alabama document

‘Daybreak in Alabama’ leads people of faith

A grant from the United Methodist Peace with Justice Sunday offering is supporting "Daybreak in Alabama," an educational and advocacy program of Interfaith Mission Service. Read More

Carson Jones and his daughter, Sade, 12

Native American offering enriches heritage, outreach

The Native American Ministries Sunday offering allows a single dad and his daughter to attend United Methodist summer conferences for Native Americans. Read More

State of the Church — By the Numbers

Benevolent Giving "Benevolences" describe the portion of a church's budget that goes toward benevolent causes including designated United Methodist funds and causes, general giving to United Methodist causes... Read More

Professional driver Geneva

Pennsylvania church offers Fast Track 2 Success

A Human Relations Day grant lets a Pennyslvania church use a motor sports program to help youth consider careers in science, aviation, engineering, computer programming and education. Read More

2013-2016 Projects Supported through The Advance

Through The Advance, United Methodists can make gifts to support the work of more than 850 projects and 300 missionaries at sites around the globe. ' } Read More

Tithing: from hesitant to joyful giving

Tithing. To many United Methodists, the idea is scary and fraught with anxiety. To others, it is exciting, inviting — and the right thing to do. Read More

Faithful Community: Gifts and giving go beyond money

In biblical times, people gave and tithed the actual products they grew or made – grain, wool, vegetables or oil. It would be hard to justify only financial giving by looking... Read More

Giving Together Creates Faithful Community

Being connected through giving allows United Methodists to be a part of many ministries that few could do alone or even with several other congregations. Read More

The Advance Project Profile: CHAD – Cambodia

Through the CHAD leadership program on holistic mission, we are training and equipping 985 church leaders in church-based/led relief and development work. Read More

The Advance Project Profile: Street Children Ministry - Cambodia

More than minimizing the negative effects of poverty, keeping children well fed and off the streets in Cambodia protects them from abuse and gives them opportunities for hope. Read More

Channeling care and compassion

Giving through The Advance assures your gift will go where you send it. Read More

Help That’s Wanted; UMCOR Advance

In 2012, selfless giving to UMCOR Advance projects provided $48.6 million for disaster response and other programs that fight poverty and promote health. Read More

Support allows missionaries to serve where sent

Local church support, through apportionment payments supporting the World Service Fund, accounts for only 38 percent of the money needed to keep a missionary in service to God and the world. Read More

Creative ways to support The Advance

Ask your church to launch or renew a covenant relationship with a General Board of Global Ministries' missionary. Read More

A Generous History

In the wake of World War II, the people called Methodist were moved with compassion. Read More

Supporting Advance projects teaches kids about giving

Children and youth can choose a project in a country or part of the world in which they have an interest. Read More

Commentary: Deepening Spirituality with Generous Giving

Sharing our gifts as a spiritual discipline helps us to grow stronger as the body of Christ. Read More

The Advance Project Profile: UMCOR Global Health Initiative

The United Methodist Committee on Relief's Global Health Initiative (Advance #3021770) is working to change the factors that contribute to those preventable deaths. Read More

Fast Facts about The Advance

One hundred percent of each gift reaches the project, missionary or ministry you choose. Read More

The Advance, Explained

Collective giving happens through The Advance Read More

Alternative giving: because it’s ‘fair and just’

"Would you give Jesus a tie or give in his name?" Read More

Recipients say ‘non-gifts’ are priceless

"Too often our society gets caught up in wanting more — the latest and greatest device — and in ‘what's in it for me,’" he said. "Yet, we are called to think... Read More

Ministry spotlight - kids’ junction

Each Tuesday, First United Methodist Church in Galax, Va., opens its financial office to help families who need assistance with utility bills, food vouchers and more. Read More

QR codes and kiosks: signs of the times in church giving

"We knew it was important ... that we needed to move into this century." Read More

Giving time and service from spiritual gifts

Scripture says each Christian has a spiritual gift. Read More

Stewards of All: A mark of faithful disciples

The Bible says disciples of Jesus Christ should give back from their resources, which include not only treasure, but time and talents. Read More

‘Abundance mentality’ fighting malaria

What does being a good steward have to do with Imagine No Malaria ( Read More

Teaching giving: bitter pill or blessing

A May 2012 blog in The Christian Century listed eight reasons church leaders should talk more about money. No. 4: people need to learn more about giving. Read More

What’s first?

What's first? is the new stewardship education resource for 2013 from Abingdon Press. It is based on shiny gods, a new book by the Rev. Mike Slaughter. Read More