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German UMs join Reformation observance

United Methodists in Germany are participating in activities marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Read More

Artist Ferdinand Pauwels’ 1872 piece “Luther Posting the 95 Theses” depicts Martin Luther’s act in 1517. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Reformation and the Wesleys: A complex relationship

John Wesley added sanctification to Reformation theology's emphasis on justification by faith. Read More

The Rev. Mark Galang (second from right) joins a demonstration advocating a living wage for workers at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Courtesy photo

Valuing work and workers part of UM social witness

United Methodists have long supported workers and workplace justice. They were the basis of the church's 1908 Social Creed. Read More

Change: It’s constant

Changes in the roles of laity and women and the relationships between majority and minority ethnic groups have shaped today's United Methodist Church. Read More

A (Brief) History of the People of The United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church in 2017 is a product of a world wide mission that began close to 300 years ago in England. Read More


One faith, different understandings

The Wesleyan spirit can be a source of unity among United Methodists with strong and differing opinions on many topics. Read More

Methodist Central Hall serves the world from the heart of London

The home to a thriving church, Methodist Central Hall in London has also been the site of several historic events, including the founding of the United Nations. Read More

Primitive physick

To Be United Methodist: Primitive Physic

Much of the advice and counsel regarding good health that John Wesley offered through Primitive Physick is similar to that of today's health care providers. Read More

Af-Amer Methodist Heritage Center

African-American Methodist Heritage Center celebrates 15th anniversary

Fifteen years from its founding, the African-American Methodist Heritage Center is a growing repository of papers, journals, photos and more that preserve a legacy. Read More

John Wesley's exercise hourse

Wesley and physical health: Practicing what he preached

John Wesley cared deeply about his followers’ spiritual health; he also offered advice for good physical health. Read More

The Wesley Pilgrimage: The method of early Methodism

Disciple-making and disciple-shaping groups not only the method but also the genius of the early Wesleyan and Methodist movements. They remain so for United Methodists today. Read More

A Wesleyan Understanding of Grace

At the heart of Wesleyan/Methodist theology and practice is a profound understanding and vital experience of grace. Grace, as understood, experienced and proclaimed by the United Methodists remains relevant... Read More

Susan Henry-Crowe - GBCS

Voting: A Prayerful Act

Voting is a matter of faith, citizenship and democracy. It is a kind of prayer and faithful testament to the belief that every citizen bears a responsibility and equal right... Read More

New Room on Wesley Pilgrimage

Wesley Pilgrimage inspires today’s leaders

At first glance, the Wesley Pilgrimage to England looks to be an exciting way to learn the history of The United Methodist Church and the lives of John and Charles... Read More

Temperance worker portrayal

Timeline illustrates living faith

For almost 140 years, the General Board of Church and Society and its predecessor agencies have been working to help United Methodists live as agents of social justice. Read More

United Methodist building

A Beacon on Capitol Hill: The United Methodist Building

The only non-governmental building on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., the United Methodist Building stands as a place of mission and ministry for social justice. Read More

The Rev. Alfred T. Day III discusses some of the treasures in the United Methodist

For churchgoers, treasures from the ‘family album’

Just six days before his death, John Wesley roused himself to write one last letter. The 87-year-old's goal: To encourage a fellow abolitionist to keep the faith in the fight... Read More

A Generous History

In the wake of World War II, the people called Methodist were moved with compassion. Read More

Heritage Sunday: A sacred past, a promising future

The Discipline states, "Heritage Sunday calls the Church to remember the past by committing itself to the continuing call of God." Read More

College Spotlight: Wiley College

In 1935, Professor Melvin Tolson led the primarily black Wiley College debate team to defeat the national champions from the University of Southern California. Read More