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Intergenerational Ministries - To spark your thinking


Intergenerational ministries is among the 2013-16 emphases of the United Methodist Committee on Older Adult Ministries. These are among the ideas generated during recent brainstorming. Remember, intergenerational ministries also can involve different generations of those described as older adults (anyone who is 55 or 60 years old and above).

  • Mentoring
  • Teaching/learning computer skills, social media, e-communication
  • "Age simulation" suits (simulate handicaps of some older adults)
  • Adopt a nursing home (develop long-term relationships)
  • Joining home-bound people for lunch or dinner
  • "Speed-dating" conversations for youth and adults (
  • "Foster" grandparents/adopt-a-grandparent
  • Mission teams or other common causes
  • Hall of fame—recognize people of all ages who demonstrate faith
  • Notes/partners to express appreciation
  • Youth as caregivers
  • Invite frail elderly to pray for mission volunteers
  • Mixed-age support groups and fellowship activities
  • Support grandparents raising grandchildren
  • Adults tutoring/reading to children
  • Senior-hosted youth events

Send your ideas to, and we'll add them to this list