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Reading time. Grandparents who parent their grandchildren can face many challenges, but can also receive many rewards.. Photo by Christopher Fenoglio, United Methodist Communications.

Grandparents are parenting again

Churches can provide support to the growing number of grandparents who are the primary care givers for their grandchildren. Read More

David Bean (right) prepares to introduce Wesleyan Building Brothers to a gathering of men from the Methodist Church in Cuba. Several years ago, Bean introduced the program — endorsed by United Methodist Men — to his congregation.

Wesleyan Building Brothers creates relationships

When Gil Hanke agreed to participate in Building Brothers, he never imagined that he would still be e-meeting with the same men six years later. Read More

Baby boomers make great evangelists

Baby boomer evangelism may seem an oxymoron, since that generation deserted religion in large numbers or never became part of the church at all. Sometimes, though, the best faith guides... Read More

Father’s and Mother’s Day get complicated

May 6, 2015

Mother's Day and Father's Day are worthy of celebration in church. However, worship planners and Christian educators need to do so with sensitivity. Read More