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Making prayer a priority

What does it mean when United Methodists promise to support the church with their prayers? Read More

Meditating at Manidoan Camp and Retreat Center

Patterning Jesus: Get away and rest

If Jesus could find time for rest, prayer and time apart, shouldn't his followers do the same? That is why United Methodists are avid supporters of camping and retreat ministry. Read More

A strand of Protestant prayer beads will be given to each person attending the opening worship service on May10 at General Conference 2016. Volunteers are making the strands as part of the prayer ministry surrounding General Conference.

Prayer vigils: Prayer surrounding GC2016: Before, during, after

When the 864 delegates arrive for the 2016 United Methodist General Conference, each one of them will come blanketed in prayer. Read More

A Call to Prayer and Action

Please join the Council of Bishops in prayer, reflection and action toward overcoming the issues that sometimes divide our societies. Together we can find ways, appropriate to our social context,... Read More

The Rev. David deSilva

When prayers seem unanswered ...

When prayers seem to go unanswered, it can be discouraging. It can make people want to give up on God. But the Rev. Adam Hamilton suggests that this doesn't have... Read More

When someone asks, ‘Pray for me ...’

Bishop Ken Carter and others discussed intercessory prayer in a webinar that originally aired on May 16, 2013. Access the archived program, 'Pray for Me: Intercessory Prayer Part' at Read More

The Upper Room nurtures a global prayer movement

In an interview with Interpreter, Sarah E. Wilke, world editor and publisher of Upper Room Ministries, tells about a multifaceted mission that reaches people of all ages around the world. Read More

‘Lord, Teach Us to Pray’ series: Using set-aside space helps focus on prayer

Hear more about sacred spaces and how our senses can be an aid to prayer, drawing us near to God. Read More

Practices of the ancients aid modern prayers

A resurgence of ancient prayer practices has United Methodists and others across the United States experiencing traditional spiritual exercises in new ways. Read More

Moving Prayers: Teach Us To Pray

After living in Malawi for two years, Kara Oliver returned home to Nashville, Tenn., and began to incorporate some of the passion and movement she saw in the prayers of... Read More

Teach us to pray series: Reading God’s love letter

"Praying the Scriptures is like reading a love letter from a dearly, dearly beloved person," John Mogabgab said. Read More

Webinars to go deeper

Throughout 2013, The Upper Room, United Methodist Communications and Interpreter will host a series of webinars, web-based conversations to let you learn more about topics in the "Teach Us to Pray"... Read More

Teaching children to pray

"Bible stories and prayer are the two greatest gifts we can give to children," said the Rev. Leanne Hadley, minister to children and their families at First United Methodist Church. Read More

...and the disciples asked, ‘Teach us to Pray’

The Rev. Tom Albin, dean of The Upper Room Ministries and ecumenical relations, and the Rev. Kathy Noble, editor of Interpreter, exchanged some basic questions and answers as we ask... Read More

Teach us to pray: A Prayer-filled Journey

With this issue, Interpreter and The Upper Room launch a yearlong project including articles in the print and digital magazines, webinars and conversation and other content on the "Teach Us... Read More

About prayer and learning to pray

Each issue of Interpreter this year will include books and other resources produced by The Upper Room related to the prayer practice featured. Read More