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Stories and articles focusing on practices to help you grow closer to God (prayer, fasting, Holy Communion, etc.); stories from individuals’ faith journeys.


Gratitude journals spotlight God’s action

Gratitude journaling can focus attention and frame the day with thankfulness. Read More

Gratitude in the midst of loss

In the midst of tragedy, loss, disease, death and violence, following the admonition to "Rejoice always" is difficult. Read More

To Be United Methodist: What is Advent?

Advent -- the season that begins the year on the Christian calendar -- is a time of remembrance and anticipation of Christ's coming. Read More

Making prayer a priority

What does it mean when United Methodists promise to support the church with their prayers? Read More

PBJ Breakfast gets students ready for school

Students started, continue to grow weekly prayer breakfast before school. Read More

Carlenda Smith: Love, care for all

Prayer guided Dr. Carlenda Smith as she prepared to be a physician; prayer sustains her in her practice. Read More

I Am United Methodist: Tammy Lovell

United Methodist teacher Tammy Lovell loves the children she teaches in public school and at church. Read More

Jaime Gallaga: Faith leads to service

Since his baptism, construction worker Jaime Gallaga has worked on God's behalf whenever and wherever he can. Read More

Gary Walden: Called to Serve

A long career in the cosmetology industry gives this hairstylist opportunities to fulfill his call to serve. Read More

Aly King: Living Christ’s love

Aly King may not be able to talk about her faith in her workplace, but she can act on it -- and does, daily. Read More

Ben Papa: Making peace during divorce

Attorney Ben Papa seeks to change the conversation about divorce. Read More

Faith undergirds attitudes, actions in the workplace

Everyone carries a belief structure into the workplace. What it is shapes the attitudes of United Methodists and others toward their work. Read More

Downward mobility reflects radical faith

Intentionality guides two women's efforts to bring diversity and community into their families' lives. Read More

I Am United Methodist: The Rev. Vetle Karlsen Eide

Norwegian United Methodist finds life as ordained deacon the way of living his faith. Read More

Everyone is a storyteller

Master storyteller and United Methodist pastor Michael E. Williams contends that everyone tells stories -- and gives tips for doing it enjoyably and well. Read More

WAYS: Celebrating Easter

Ask United Methodists what is the most meaningful part of Easter Sunday and early morning sunrise services quickly rise to the top of the list. Here's why. Read More

Detail of Lent/Easter totem pole in Alaska carved by the Rev. David Fison. UMCom Photo Illustration by Kathleen Barry

WAYS: Remembering Good Friday

Tenebrae services, prayer vigils and cross walks are among the events that help United Methodists recall the emotions and meaning of Good Friday and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Read More

WAYS: Remembering Maundy Thursday

Foot washing and depictions of the Last Supper bring the meaning of Maundy or Holy Thursday close to United Methodists. Read More

Holy Week

WAYS: Remembering Holy Week

United Methodists share memories of meaningful and memorable moments during Holy Week and Easter. Read More

child praying at mealtime

Remembering Holy Week, celebrating Easter at home

Remembering the events of Holy Week in age-appropriate ways with children will make Easter even more joy-filled for them. Read More