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Stories and articles focusing on practices to help you grow closer to God (prayer, fasting, Holy Communion, etc.); stories from individuals’ faith journeys.

Amanda Vogt

I Am United Methodist: Amanda Vogt

Young adult United Methodist Amanda Vogt from Missouri finds common values between her congregation and scouting programs. Read More

WAYS: What is your prayer as the New Year 2017 begins?

United Methodists are lifting prayers for their church, their country and its leaders, peace, justice and more as the New Year begins. Read More

Sacred Space candle - Mt. Tabor UMC, Winston-Salem, NC

Enter Sacred Space during Holy Week

Sacred Space ministry during Holy Week allows experiencing God's presence through diverse approaches to spiritual formation. Read More

Donna Rhodes - author - from woman at the well to well woman

From Woman at the Well to well woman

Spending time with her now, no one would imagine the horrors Donna Rhodes once lived. Today, she shares her story to help others see the hope of Christ. Read More

Meditating at Manidoan Camp and Retreat Center

Patterning Jesus: Get away and rest

If Jesus could find time for rest, prayer and time apart, shouldn't his followers do the same? That is why United Methodists are avid supporters of camping and retreat ministry. Read More

computer prayer group - gil hanke

Grace: Responding with piety and mercy

Throughout the centuries, God has been extending grace to people through everyday practices. These means of grace, as John Wesley called them, continue to inform and enrich people of faith... Read More

Abundant Grace: Living Grace

Grace. One tiny word that will change your life. We know, because extraordinary and everyday experiences of grace forever changed our lives. Read More

Elise Matheny Eslinger

Abundant Grace: A Crash Course in Grace

God's grace can show up in the most unexpected places and circumstances. For Elise Matheny Eslinger, this grace literally came crashing into her life on Oct. 8, 1989. Read More

Publisher’s Page: Grace: A song for singing

"There's a Song in the Air" and it is God's grace come to us in the infant Jesus. Interpreter publisher and United Methodist Communications general secretary Dan Krause reflects on... Read More

New Room on Wesley Pilgrimage

Wesley Pilgrimage inspires today’s leaders

At first glance, the Wesley Pilgrimage to England looks to be an exciting way to learn the history of The United Methodist Church and the lives of John and Charles... Read More

UMCOR suports child-friendly spaces in camps for Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

UMCOR Aiding Uprooted Syrians

Last November, Bishop Scott Jones of the Great Plains Conference announced that more than 30 churches in Kansas and Nebraska were ready and willing to welcome Syrian refugee families to their... Read More

A strand of Protestant prayer beads will be given to each person attending the opening worship service on May10 at General Conference 2016. Volunteers are making the strands as part of the prayer ministry surrounding General Conference.

Prayer vigils: Prayer surrounding GC2016: Before, during, after

When the 864 delegates arrive for the 2016 United Methodist General Conference, each one of them will come blanketed in prayer. Read More

David Bean (right) prepares to introduce Wesleyan Building Brothers to a gathering of men from the Methodist Church in Cuba. Several years ago, Bean introduced the program — endorsed by United Methodist Men — to his congregation.

Wesleyan Building Brothers creates relationships

When Gil Hanke agreed to participate in Building Brothers, he never imagined that he would still be e-meeting with the same men six years later. Read More

New Bible study expands ‘God’ images, names

Participants in the five-week, small-group study explore names and images for God and the ways Scripture reveals God. Read More

The Rev. Alfred T. Day III discusses some of the treasures in the United Methodist

For churchgoers, treasures from the ‘family album’

Just six days before his death, John Wesley roused himself to write one last letter. The 87-year-old's goal: To encourage a fellow abolitionist to keep the faith in the fight... Read More

Brittany Stephan

Student Day scholarship prepares seminarian to empower others for ministry

When Brittney Stephan was 14, she says she was terrified of public speaking. Ironically, she was also 14 when God called her into the ministry. Read More

Angels fill a booth at a Christmas Market in Munich, Germany.

Angels among us: God’s heavenly messengers for the world

Clearly, we love angels. But what do we actually know about them? Read More

The Rev. Matthew Charlton

Discerning God’s call

In Greek mythology, Pythia, the Oracle at Delphi, was the mouthpiece of the god Apollo. She was considered the most accurate of all the oracles and infallible. Read More

Col. Steven Patrick “Pat” McCain

God’s love heals the soul

Serving in Iraq from 2003 to 2004, the Rev. David E. "Dave" Smith, a retired Army chaplain, had four near-death experiences within a month and a half. Read More

Bishop Gary Mueller (center, right) ordains the Rev. Jacob Lynn elder during the 2015 Arkansas Annual Conference.

GBHEM: Supporting journeys to professional ministry

Shortly after the birth of his son, Jacob Lynn realized his faith was "not as deep as I wanted it to be with a person who was going to learn... Read More