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Mountain View UMC, Boulder, CO

Small and large steps make church carbon neutral

Solar panels, new lighting and appliances and more insulation contribute to this church's efforts to care for creation. Read More

Why I Give

United Methodists from around the world share why they give money and, specifically, why they give through their church. Read More

Michael Reeves

Preaching, teaching generosity

Pastors do not feel equipped to address the connection of faith and money. They generally have not been trained in their theological studies or through continuing education. Read More

The Rev. Clif Christopher

The ‘third rail’ of being a pastor: Knowing who gives what

By most accounts, it is the third rail of being a local church pastor: touch it, and you'll get zapped. "It" is the long-standing question, "Should a pastor know how... Read More

Bishop Kenneth L. Carder

John Wesley on giving

Giving in the Wesleyan tradition: Giving must be more than a response to an appeal to general humanitarianism. It must be rooted and grounded theologically and missionally. Read More

Faithful community: a call to living differently

The vows United Methodists make when baptized, confirmed or becoming a member of the church for the first time call us to 'living differently.' Bishops, other clergy and lay... Read More

‘Abundance mentality’ fighting malaria

What does being a good steward have to do with Imagine No Malaria ( Read More

Teaching giving: bitter pill or blessing

A May 2012 blog in The Christian Century listed eight reasons church leaders should talk more about money. No. 4: people need to learn more about giving. Read More

What’s first?

What's first? is the new stewardship education resource for 2013 from Abingdon Press. It is based on shiny gods, a new book by the Rev. Mike Slaughter. Read More

Giving time and service from spiritual gifts

Scripture says each Christian has a spiritual gift. Read More

Stewards of All: A mark of faithful disciples

The Bible says disciples of Jesus Christ should give back from their resources, which include not only treasure, but time and talents. Read More