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Technology: Technology is part of our history

As technology changes, United Methodists change how they use it to carry out the church's mission. Read More

Free online study explores General Conference

This free resource explains make-up and work of the top legislative body of The United Methodist Church. Read More

The General Conference 2016 mobile app brings the May 10-20 event in Portland, Oregon, to your mobile device. Special features will include news stories, videos, delegate resources, sponsor, exhibitor and volunteer registration.

Be part of G2016

The scheduled highlights Read More

Technology speeds United Methodist growth in the Philippines

While the rapid growth of United Methodism in the Philippines is cause for celebration, it also presents challenges. With this growth comes a need for more trained clergy and lay... Read More

Lillian Achom (right) is passionate about encouraging girls who pursue science, technology, engineering and math degrees.

Technology for the future

Lillian Achom had already been accepted at a university in Uganda when her search for organizations to sponsor her studies led her to Nodumo Dhlamini, who urged her to apply... Read More Connecting Young People to the Church

A new website makes it easy for young people to connect with opportunities offered by agencies of The United Methodist Church. Read More

Whether it is helping bring broadbend access to the community or inviting people to use church-owned computers, providing digital access can be a vital ministry. Summerfield United Methodist Church in Milwaukee is among churches that have adopted it.

Broadband, Rural Ministry and Social Justice

Seventeen million children in the United States do not have access to computers with broadband connections, reports Connected Nation. United Methodist churches can help bring access to their communities. It... Read More

Justin Cox poses with some of the youth from First United Methodist Church in Orlando.

Smartphones: A Tool and a Test in Ministry with Youth

Tweeting a teaser for next Sunday's discussion group. Seeking prayer requests by text message. Posting a prayer for a sick grandfather on a teen's Facebook page. Asking youth to look... Read More

Yes, you do need a website

Your online presence is the new front door to your church. Before someone shows up to worship, he or she will look for your information online. Do you offer childcare?... Read More

Zach Arco and Casey Dysert serve on the six-member team that produces and video streams live the worship services from North Naples United Methodist Church in Florida.

Reach outside the walls

Are you a technophile or a technophobe? The Rev. Ted Sauter from North Naples United Methodist Church in Naples, Fla., is a little of both. Read More