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Reading time. Grandparents who parent their grandchildren can face many challenges, but can also receive many rewards.. Photo by Christopher Fenoglio, United Methodist Communications.

Grandparents are parenting again

Churches can provide support to the growing number of grandparents who are the primary care givers for their grandchildren. Read More

Healthy families initiative in Liberia

Empowering women for abundant living

Healthy Families-Healthy Planet initiative is about access to family-planning information and services that save women's lives and stop unnecessary death and injuries. Read More

Millennials carve their own path

According to the latest research, young adults are politically independent, optimistic and racially diverse. Knowing who millennials are is an incredible tool in helping reach them with the message of... Read More

Baby boomers make great evangelists

Baby boomer evangelism may seem an oxymoron, since that generation deserted religion in large numbers or never became part of the church at all. Sometimes, though, the best faith guides... Read More

Fractured families seek strength, support

Pastors and churches can provide spiritual and emotional support and help find protection for adults and children living with domestic violence. Read More

Jennifer Lim (fifth from right) attends a human rights celebration hosted by Church Women United (CWU).

United Methodist Women nurtures leaders

One of UMW's initiatives, equipping women and girls to be leaders, has a profound impact on UMW members and the communities in which they live. Read More

Father’s and Mother’s Day get complicated

May 6, 2015

Mother's Day and Father's Day are worthy of celebration in church. However, worship planners and Christian educators need to do so with sensitivity. Read More

Women church planters reach new disciples

March is Women's History Month. Throughout United Methodist history, women have played a significant role in planting new churches. Interpreter highlights the ministry of two of many contemporary women church... Read More

The Rev. HiRho Park

Despite changes, gender challenges persist for clergywomen

The Rev. Wendy Deichmann says what's most fulfilling about her ministry is experiencing "hope, joy and growth in Christ and in God's mission in the world." Read More