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UMCOR suports child-friendly spaces in camps for Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

UMCOR Aiding Uprooted Syrians

Last November, Bishop Scott Jones of the Great Plains Conference announced that more than 30 churches in Kansas and Nebraska were ready and willing to welcome Syrian refugee families to their... Read More

The Rev. Alfred T. Day III discusses some of the treasures in the United Methodist

For churchgoers, treasures from the ‘family album’

Just six days before his death, John Wesley roused himself to write one last letter. The 87-year-old's goal: To encourage a fellow abolitionist to keep the faith in the fight... Read More

A Pastoral Letter on Racism

The people of our world are hurting, as injustice, violence and racism abound. The United Methodist witness to the dignity of all human life and the reign of God is... Read More

Members of at least six United Methodist churches in Chicago joined in a nonviolent protest that disrupted traffic. Church members participated in Holy Communion during the demonstration.

After grand jury rulings, what is the church’s witness?

Elyse Ambrose Minson said she wants to have faith in the U.S. justice system — even when an unarmed African American dies at the hands of law enforcement. Read More

Value of Liberal Arts Education

We highly debate the BCS football rankings every year while never mentioning how our nation continues its slide in the world in terms of educating our children. Our priorities are... Read More

Spiritual issues shape life after retirement

Seeing life as a whole, in the larger perspective of past, present and future, is an important part of coming to terms with identity in retirement. Read More

Faith and Aging: A Spiritual Pilgrimage

The later years of life can present many challenges, but that time also has the potential to be meaningful, rewarding and spiritually rich. Read More

The elements of Holy Communion are laid out against the Mexico side of the border fence between Tijuana and San Diego during a cross-border service at El Faro park in Tijuana, Mexico.

Means of Grace: Fasting and Holy Communion

The means of grace identified by John Wesley continue to play an important role in the daily life of United Methodists seeking to grow nearer to God and neighbor. Read More

A precious part of history, spirituals continue to heal

African-American spirituals, also known as Negro spirituals, are a familiar, precious part of American history. Today their melodies are an integral part of worship services. Read More

Young and Old: The Fabricated Divide

Young friends are doing incredible works, which are transforming lives. However, when I look at how my faith has developed, I think of a few older Christians. Read More