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The Rev. Sara Thomas

Harbingers of H.O.P.E.: Creating a culture of discipleship

Discipleship Ministries has devised an acronym that describes the model of carrying out The United Methodist Church’s evangelism mission. H.O.P.E. stands for Hospitality, Offer Christ, Purpose, Engagement. Read More

Church Life

Baby boomers make great evangelists

Baby boomer evangelism may seem an oxymoron, since that generation deserted religion in large numbers or never became part of the church at all. Sometimes, though, the best faith guides come from the unlikeliest of people. Read More

Church Life

Millennials carve their own path

According to the latest research, young adults are politically independent, optimistic and racially diverse. Knowing who millennials are is an incredible tool in helping reach them with the message of Jesus. Read More

Church Life

Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

Returning lost sheep – or letting them go with love

Perhaps you've been there. You visit a church, join and get involved in its ministries, both as a participant and a volunteer. Then something happens: schedule changes, transportation issues, family crises, new leadership that views the world differently than you do, bruised egos, hurt feelings. Read More

United Methodism

In the mid-1990s, InfoServ consultants Mary Lynn Holly (left) and Woodley McEachern answer questions about The United Methodist Church.

Make no mistake – it is all about United Methodists

"I'm a card-carrying member of the InfoServ fan club and have been for the past 25 to 30 years," says the Rev. Terrence Hayes, senior pastor at Windcrest United Methodist Church in San Antonio, referring to a longtime ministry of United Methodist Communications. Read More

It Worked For Us

Pastoral staff bless the Five & Two food truck at a dedication ceremony.

Food truck sizzles in the community

As chicken sizzled on the grill, the Rev. Allen Lutes cubed cold watermelon and cooked rice. He and many volunteers were getting ready to serve dinner from a 1996 Chevy food truck to women and children at a domestic-violence shelter. Read More

Idea Mart

Free video helps churches engage newcomers

The Lewis Center for Church Leadership offers congregations a free video, "The New Realities of Engaging Newcomers." The five-minute video provides an overview of how new people are coming into church communities in different ways than previously, what it means for congregations and what churches can do to engage these newcomers today. Read More

To Be United Methodist

Viola Reed, 101, took her first mission trip when she was 72.

I am United Methodist – Viola Reed

Many people go to the Caribbean when they retire, but not many of them go there to do hard labor. No one told that to Viola Reed, who went on her first mission trip at the age of 72. Read More

It Worked For Us!

Children learn to sing

Oklahoma church offers Creek-language vacation Bible school

Last summer, the 100-member Fife Indian United Methodist Church in Muscogee, Oklahoma, collaborated with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to host a bilingual vacation Bible school. Read More

Idea Mart

Enhanced Find-A-Church features now available

Local United Methodist churches can be prepared to welcome today's tech-savvy seekers with an updated profile on Find-A-Church, now enhanced with easily viewed events, social media, and worship information. Read More


(From left) Allison Walkley, Andrew Post, Bethany Printup-Davis and Weagba Nelson do a team-building activity during a session for participants in the Upper New York Young Clergy Initiative project.

Young Clergy Initiative bearing fruit

"As a 20-something and a millennial, I think one of the best things the church can do is create chances for young potential clergy to see what ministry looks like up close, to ask questions and to experience it firsthand." Read More


The Rev. Matthew Charlton

Discerning God’s call

In Greek mythology, Pythia, the Oracle at Delphi, was the mouthpiece of the god Apollo. She was considered the most accurate of all the oracles and infallible. Read More