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Get your spirit in shape with podcasts! Artwork courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

Get Your Spirit in Shape podcast

United Methodist podcast offers tools, tips and thoughts to help us live our faith more fully. Listen to individual episodes or subscribe. More


A Wesleyan Understanding of Grace

At the heart of Wesleyan/Methodist theology and practice is a profound understanding and vital experience of grace. Grace, as understood, experienced and proclaimed by the United Methodists remains relevant and transformative. Read More


Technology: Abandon the screens; focus on the people

Christmas gift-giving will likely include a lot of technological gadgets. However, father, next-generation pastor and Interpreter technology columnist Jeremy Steele urges you to spend at least as much time with people as with screens during the coming weeks. Read More


Why I Give

United Methodists from around the world share why they give money and, specifically, why they give through their church. Read More


Mark Windley

God’s grace: Presented/re-presented through the sacraments

They are rituals as old as Christianity itself. A pastor takes bread and cup, recounts God's saving activities, gives thanks and serves the people. A person, often an infant, is immersed or doused with water and becomes part of God's family. Read More

I am United Methodist

I Am United Methodist: Wanda Carpenter

"What we do serves as proof of what we believe," says Wanda Carpenter, a member of Faith United Methodist Church in Mooresville, North Carolina, part of the Western North Carolina Read More

Making Disciples

One Matters Award to Lander UMC

Outreach, willingness to change common threads for One Matters churches

Discipleship Ministries in 2016 recognized 80 United Methodist churches for remarkable gains in baptisms, professions of faith and disciple making. Each of the churches received a One Matters Discipleship Award. Read More


computer prayer group - gil hanke

Grace: Responding with piety and mercy

Throughout the centuries, God has been extending grace to people through everyday practices. These means of grace, as John Wesley called them, continue to inform and enrich people of faith who put them into practice. Read More