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Living together well is hard, but possible

Five leaders talk of how United Methodists can lead in living together well in an inceasingly diverse world. Read More

Congregational care

Prayer at New Day  Camp

Camp: A gift for those with special needs

People throughout The United Methodist Church have a special calling to make sure all children and youth – including those with special needs – are able to experience camp. Read More

United Methodism

Mother African Zoar United Methodist Church, Philadelphia. Photo courtesy of

Sites every United Methodist should see

Sites in the United States and around the world can help United Methodists remember their heritage -- and celebrate today's ministry and mission. Read More


A waterfall invites meditation by visitors to Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. Photo by Kay Panovec.

Being shaped in the Creator’s creation

Eco-theologian Beth Norcross' reading of Scripture tells her that the natural world was humanity's first way of encountering God. Read More


Downward mobility reflects radical faith

Intentionality guides two women's efforts to bring diversity and community into their families' lives. Read More


WAYS: How did you develop a relationship with someone of a different ethnic group or nationality?

Interpreter readers share their learning when first meeting someone of a different racial or ethnic group or nationality. Read More

It Worked for Us

Feeding pets of the homeless

Ministry keeps beloved and loving pets of homeless people healthy. Read More


The inflatable church draws in curious visitors of all types – even secular Europeans who've never set foot in a church.

German tent ministry is a ‘fresh expression’ of evangelism

An inflatable pop-up church is a key part of the Germany Conference’s evangelism effort, which also includes a fleet of tents to erect at summer festivals and a tour bus that converts into a mobile street café. Read More

United Methodism


One faith, different understandings

The Wesleyan spirit can be a source of unity among United Methodists with strong and differing opinions on many topics. Read More


#SeeAllThePeople to inspire disciple-making movement

#SeeAllThePeople is a grass roots initiative designed to inspire a disciple-making movement across the denomination. Read More

United Methodism

Called General Conference set for 2019

Recommendations from the Commission on a Way Forward will be the agenda for a called General Conference in February 2019. Read More